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  1. terryandrene

    New FCC Dispatch Offer Method

    Many of the recently active FedEx Custom Critical contractors have had a chance to study the details of the new system that will take effect in one dispatch region starting mid-April. Please express your feelings about the new progam in the above poll. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the...
  2. terryandrene

    Load Opportunities

    This past Monday, FedEx Custom Critical announced a test of a new method of communicating load offers and load opportunities commencing in mid-April. The new system will be tested with surface expedite loads in only one dispatch region, while the rest of the regions will continue with the...
  3. terryandrene

    Straight Through Delivery

    Changing delivery times from straight through, to next day, or even later, have long been a point of contention among Roberts Express and then FedEx Custom Critical (FCC) drivers. Understanding the reason behind these changes has helped us maintain our sanity and lower the level of frustration...
  4. terryandrene

    MATS & FedEx Custom Critical

    The following is copied from the FedEx Custom Critical Owner/Operators Extranet Join us at the Mid-America Trucking Show Contractor Breakfast Please join us at the Mid-America Trucking Show, which will be held in Louisville, Ky. March 27-29. We will also be holding our annual Contractor...
  5. terryandrene

    Welcome to our world

    Welcome to the forum dedicated to the discussion of issues related to, and affecting FedEx Custom Critical (FCC) contractors, drivers and carrier representatives. The first order of business is to remind FCC drives and contractors that our carrier publishes a weekly bulletin in the form of an...