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  1. terryandrene

    European MB Sprinter competition.

    Our recent visit to Europe was eyeopening from an expediter point of view. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is the obvious choice of the majority of the light freight hauling community. During several hundred miles of travel in the eastern region of Germany and a bit of Poland, we saw no pickup...
  2. terryandrene

    Sprinter Owners Only

    Now that 2007 is behind us, I am hoping that a few Sprinter owners have some operational costs that you would be willing to share with me on a confidential basis. I would like to determine the true typical cost of Spinter operations for my personal use, and you folks are the best source of this...
  3. terryandrene

    Cargo Van Rates

    Another recent thread in the "Truck Talk" Forum discusses the various cargo height/weight/dimensional capacities of the Sprinter. I started a new thread because I believe we have a situation slowly occurring over the past ten years, or so, that is detrimental to the bottom line of all expediter...
  4. terryandrene

    Airtabs on a van?

    Airtabs have been discussed in previous EO threads and I have seen them on a few straight trucks and tractors. The airtab is a small, triangular shaped, plastic, self adhering item that is fastened to the rear edge of a vehicle. describes them as follows: "Airtabsâ„¢...
  5. terryandrene

    SpeedCo Supertruck

    Rich: How 'bout a review of the Supertruck activities since your last post on the issue.
  6. terryandrene

    Coops are open

    Here's a fairly new, still under construction, web site that's worth a peek:
  7. terryandrene

    Need a Mattress?

    Today, I just bought replacements for my two, twelve year old, 2' x 6' x 7" custom made foam mattresses with comparable mattresses from "Verlo Mattress Factory Factory Store of St. Charles". These folks are a franchise operation and the parent company has quite a few stores around the country...
  8. terryandrene

    Great Service

    A while back, a member introduced us to a source of supply for Fan-Tastic roof vents. The prices are good for this cadillac of all vents but the sevice I received tonite was above and beyond, so worth mentioning here. The Company is at I placed an...
  9. terryandrene

    What Van For You?

    The traditional Chevrolet/GMC cargo van, or the ever more popular Sprinter. Those are the choices for an expediter contemplating the purchase of a van to lease on to any one of the national expedite carriers. Price is always a factor when we purchase any type of vehicle, but other factors...
  10. terryandrene

    Spec'ing the Expedite Truck

    LDB and BROOMPILOT touched on the problems they have had in putting together a straight truck for use in expediting. DAVEKC often discusses the pro's and con's of spec'ing reefer box additions. ATEAM has posted many comments regarding his truck spec'ing adventures. And, EO workshop speakers...
  11. terryandrene

    GMC /Chev Side Doors

    The hinges on the rear-side door of the GMC/Chev have the interface (or the finger joints) of the two hinge sides facing forward. This configuration allows wind-driven moisture to enter the inside of the hinge barrel and rusts the hinge-pin. After a couple hundred thousand miles the rusted...
  12. terryandrene

    Cargo Van Outfitters ?

    We've bought three vans since 1992 and had each of them outfitted with a high-top after purchase. The first by the now defunct "Malibu Van Conversions" in St Louis and the last two by "Osage" in Linn, Mo. The initial cost ($1800, $2200 and $3000 successively) and slight loss in fuel ecomomy...