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  1. beachbum

    It's a wrap

    Turning in the keys to the owner, flying back to Dallas. Then tomorrow driving to SolCal and starting a new chapter in my life of not being on the road.
  2. beachbum

    It's official for now

    Court denies OOIDA's legal challenge to overturn ELD mandate That's from OOIDA'S website
  3. beachbum

    Off to Alaska

    Picked up in Fort Worth headed to Kodiak Ak. Total 4178 miles. My longest ever. I'll even have time for some salmon and halibut fishing.
  4. beachbum

    New rules for getting on bases

    As of today five state DL's won't be accepted to get on bases. This is from Fox News web site. So carry your passport Department bases no longer will accept driver’s licenses from five states as proof of ID -- a consequence of the implementation of a controversial post-9/11 law. The decision...
  5. beachbum

    ATC freightliner Dallas

    Just stopped by the Dealer on Irving Blvd today to find out they don't work on sprinters anymore. Was told by the service manager that Freightlinr won't be servicing them or have them for sale anymore. This was a decision that they made because MB is coming out with 2 new models and MB won't let...
  6. beachbum

    Pilot showers

    How does it work for showers buying gasoline out front. Is it the same like diesel 14 gallons 1/2 shower credit. Plus what pilot card do you have. Any info would be great
  7. beachbum

    Older Sprinter oil

    Since I've just replace my motor should I still just use 15-40 or should I change over to synthetic
  8. beachbum

    For DDL users

    FMCSA is changing the guidance for computer logs. This from OOIDA website. ith more and more drivers using computers, tablets and smartphones to keep their daily logs, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will begin accepting those electronic logs as complying with the HOS regs...
  9. beachbum

    HOS Upheald

    OOIDA posted on their web site. Land Line Magazine: The Business Magazine for Professional Truckers BREAKING NEWS: 'Third time's a charm' for HOS; Court upholds all but one provision By Jami Jones, Land Line managing editor The never-ending warfare over the hours of service may very well...
  10. beachbum

    Something new at T/A

    Didn't know about the change from 50 Gallons over a week now I found this on the T/A web site. Wonder if it includes Petro's There is nothing quite like a long, hot shower at the end of a hard day. We've got the cleanest program around. Every shower is sanitized before every use and includes...