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    West Shore Freight

    ....has an ad for Sprinter, Promaster, and Transit Drivers in the Classifieds. Based in Ottawa Lake, Michigan. Offers 3-4,000 miles per week. $800-$1,000 take home. Also has a lease to own program of some kind. Aww, no thanks. I invite a principal to come on and explain what they got to...
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    Drug Testing for Vans

    I understand that many carriers require van/$printer drivers to have CDLs. Does this put those drivers into mandatory drug testing ? If not, do any carriers require it? It’s a minor inconvenience, and a minor cost. I wonder if some insurance companies might require it. What do you guys think?
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    Time to Get Paid

    If you read the story in Phil’s thread about brokers being displaced by automation, you should have read the story linked to it about a Federal judge in Arkansas ruling that PAM should pay it’s drivers for all time away from home except meals and sleeping. At least minimum wage. ( betcha Manny...
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    It’s Fibuary !!!

    It’s February for most folks. FIB-uary for those that work with brokers. Yeah, I know it was an honest mistake......
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    Congratulations to Chris Cain , the first owner I ever drove for, for having the wisdom and foresight to add some 2019 large sleeper Volvos to his fleet.Looks like Onan for comfort and they have showers. They’re pictured in the Classifieds looking for teams, either at FedEx or Panther...
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    Mail Forwarding Services

    A friend was interested in being a resident of another state without having to live there. I called an old friend that used a place called Dakota Post very happily for 5 years. Another biz, called My Best Address, looked like a place with a lot to offer. Low vehicle registration costs, no...
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    Lost Another Good One

    Passing through Iowa I stopped at what used to be a nice Truckstop. Altoona. What a freakin dump ! Thought I’d have dinner at Grandma Max’s. Now Max’s dinner. The hotdog eating clientele lends so little support that they’ve eliminated the buffet except for Sunday. Was basically empty. The shop...
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    Does this tick anyone off

    I’m just wrapping my head around paying to park and I’m told today that, at least at this TA in CT, the later in the day you reserve the more you pay. After we reserved a spot in Maryland, so we could stay home longer and roll in late, the Load canceled at 13:00. Too late for a refund.:: edit...
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    What are YOU Worth ?

    A friend lost a bid to Boyle . Curious, he researched thier website. In addition to this pay, they have medical, dental, vision, paid vacation and paid uniforms. Edit: That chart is per employee. With taxes and benefits the team on the run could easily be costing Boyle over $4000 per week...
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    Canada has Legalized Pot Countrywide

    You’ll be allowed to pocess 30 grams for recreational use . Van rates north may plummet as people want to go north. Now they’ll complain to dispatch when they DON’T get laid over for the weekend.
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    Calling all Gearheads

    My friend with the Transit Connect is running around town doing errands. Pulls into a place, shuts it off, comes out 5 minutes later and it’s dead. No lights, accessories, nothing. She grabs another vehicle and leaves. A few hours later her brother in law goes out, puts the key in and it...
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    Toledo Delays

    Being retired I don’t follow the Michigan Road Delay threads. I find myself taking a class A motorhome up near Cadillac in the morning. Typically would get to 23 north off the turnpike.Coming from the Cleveland area. How much is going on ? Will be there mid to late morning. Thanks
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    Your Most Memorable Meal

    I posted in another thread about a great meal I remember 30 years later. It wasn’t a special event, or with a special person. It’s just a meal that I’ll always remember. Do you have a meal you’ll always remember ? And why ?
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    Run a Crossdock ?

    Zorry just called me. He just posted an ad in accessories for a 7 month old 4500 # Electric Pallet Jack. He has no trouble posting ads but is having an issue getting on the forum. He’s always been kind of backwards.
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    I’ve Seen it All

    TA has a Father’s Day Special. A Porter House Steak and all you can eat shrimp for only $24.95 ! Roundup Granny and the youngins . You’all don’t want to miss this !
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    Another One of A Kind

    Fresh in the Classifieds tonight is a listing for a very nice DR unit that looks like a great starter truck. Zorry’s Truck.
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    Haul of Fame

    Looking back over your career, what were your most interesting hauls ? I did two I’ll always remember. Herbie Hancock’s Equipment to his 70th birthday celebration in LA. He performed at a zoo in Seattle either Saturday or Sunday. We got in early, spent the day at the zoo, then the outdoor...
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    Flying J Flagpole Watch

    There’s controversy about Flying J/Pilot not Flying the American Flag at some locations. As you guys drive around our fine country, report what you see if so inclined. Location, pole/no pole, Flag/No Flag. If the poles disappear, the lack of Flags will be less obvious.
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    Bull or No Bull

    Saw a guy with a high performance Transit that just did a Ky-Fl-Va and got 29.7 mpg. About 400 lb payload.
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    Cargo Vans and ELDs

    I spoke with a cargo van driver that hauls a fair amount of HazMat. He told me he uses paper logs. If he were to go over 8 days in any calendar month he would be required to switch to an ELD. He tries to not leave home placarded, in case he needs to placard to get home.