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    Monday Night Football 18-19

    9/10/18 Jets beat Lions.
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    NFL 2018-2019

    I’m usually pumped this close to the season opener. This year, not so much. I agree with Tony D. 3 minutes before kickoff is not the time to protest. And I hope they figure out what made Richie Incognito go off the rails. Sad story.
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    Stan Mikita Passes

    Just read that he passed Tuesday. He provided me with many years of entertainment. Before Hockey got diluted.
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    NBA Fan(s)

    not sure if there’ll be more than one. GOAT- Jordon, LeBron,or ....?
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    Monday Night Football

    Who wins and why ? Make your predictions prior to kickoff. Get two predictions wrong and you're out. We'll see who the last man standing is. Tomorrow KC-Denver PLEASE MOVE TO SPORTS PAGE
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    Touchdown or Touchback ???

    Boy, did the Jets get robbed ! If you didn't see it, and you're a football fan, you'll hear about it for days. One of those rare, lucky breaks for the Pats.
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    Cubs or Indians ?

    I say Cubs in 5.