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    Double Coffin Sleeper??

    Cannonball is on YouTube also. The theme song is hokie enough to be an expediters theme song.
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    Double Coffin Sleeper??

    Back in 1958 there was no class 8 power steering. They needed 40 acres to turn that rig around.
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    Double Coffin Sleeper??

    Cannonball 1958 tv series filmed in Bolton Ontario. Longhaul truckers running all over US and Canada. Very cool.
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    Double Coffin Sleeper??

    Possibly two sleepers joined together as I don’t think 60” plus sleepers were factory options back in the 70’s. I could be wrong. I remember a slight detour my father took in the late 60’s or early 70’s to get a glimpse of a Sam Tanksley Pete COE with a double sleeper. I ordered a new 91 FLD...
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    Changing lightbulbs....on EO

    Anyway, funny post, Rags.
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    Changing lightbulbs....on EO

    My response, to your response, was more than someone could handle evidently. It doesn’t change the facts.
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    Changing lightbulbs....on EO

    Rags, hard to believe you’ve had no follow ups on this.
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    Bah humbug

    Perfect example.
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    Truck Driver Heaven

    A truckdriver dies and goes to Heaven. St Peter is excited to see him and says we really need drivers up here. St Peter takes him to an area where they gaze over a field filled with hundreds of 379 Petes and W-900s. Hooked to brand new reefers and shiney aluminum dropdecks. The driver says “...
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    Abcde Redford

    When you name your kid Moonpie. Squigglefish, or whatever, what do you expect ? It borders on child abuse. Going to listen to the great Johnny Cash song A Boy Named Sue. The SW employee was out of line. Should be reprimanded, not severely. Probably some sensitivity training.
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    School Busses

    If a kid gets killed, why not a death penalty?
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    Classic laughs

    This PC crap is going too far. Some Professional Racer lost a sponsor last week because his father used the N word A few years BEFORE the driver was even born! Where’s our common sense? My whole family was raised to be like Rickles. Our family get together resembled these Roasts. We all...
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    Some I-80 music for ya.

    Jerry Lee’s daughter?
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    Top Funny Movie Scenes

    Thanks, I saw Blazing Saddles, seemed Blazing Saddles like, just don’t remember it. Might have been still on the floor laughing from something that precluded that.
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    Top Funny Movie Scenes

    Rags, If you owned a big pizza chain I’d lobby for your removal. Since you don’t, I won’t. That was kinda funny. Never seen it. ( Not a movie guy.)
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    Beer, whiskey, women and sweet red wine...

    Thought this might be worth a revisit.
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    Instant Karma gonna get ya....

    No problem here. I have the EO Premium Package.
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    NASCAR 2018

    Loved JR getting out of his car and smothering the engine fire.. And 14 different manufacturers being represented. I was born in 53. If they had NASCAR on in the nursery, I may have become a fan. In related news, Brian France, who has been criticized for being hard to find some weekends, was...
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    NASCAR 2018

    I too get board watching cars go around in a circle. Sunday’s Road Course I found entertaining. Add in it was a great race in the end, and an interesting story to watch 18,come back up to 3rd. The pit excitement with bodies and tires flying reminded me of a hockey game. Why no penalties for...
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    Paul McCartney Carpool Karaoke

    Can you imagine..... ......someone who can’t spell Paul ?