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    It's a Team's Life Have you heard of Dave Ramsey?

    I resemble that remark.
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    It's a Team's Life Have you heard of Dave Ramsey?

    Sometimes after I do a post I’ll do some fact checking. The first portion of Interstate actually opened in Kansas of all places. 3 years after I was born. LONG before Linda was born. E0= Educational Oppurtunities
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    It's a Team's Life Have you heard of Dave Ramsey?

    Linda, admit it. You remember 2 lane roads because when you were a kid Kansas didn’t have interstate highways.
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    It's a Team's Life Cheap Rates

    Linda, I never told you this, but you broke my heart. Remember when you pulled into an Az Loves, 5 pm-ish and invited us in for ice tea ? You were loading from a resort- liftgate- to LA Area. We were having dinner to be ready for that last minute desperation call to cover it. For .62 cpm more...
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    Risky Business Are you a Courier or an Expediter?

    Great examples. In favor of the insurance company. The kid knows where the BK is . He’s not driving distracted looking for someone he doesn’t know. Then stopping suddenly when he sees the passenger. Also, he probably spends 20 minutes going to work on a somewhat familiar route instead of...
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    Risky Business Are you a Courier or an Expediter?

    Pretty funny to get a dislike for not saying anything from someone that DIDN’T say anything.
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    Risky Business Are you a Courier or an Expediter?

    Most auto policies don’t cover hauling people or cargo for hire. I’ve often wondered how most auto insurers react when someone starts with Uber or Lyft.
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    It's a Team's Life Wildlife

    We used to safe haven at Fort Hunter Liggett. There’d be a herd of about 40 Elk wandering around quite often. On 101 south of San Jose in California.
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    You talk of a 23,000 axle registerd at 21,000. I’m guessing that your door jamb says 12,000 front and 21,000 rear. And I’d guess you plate at 33,000 lbs. I understand what you’re saying about the 12,000/13,200 axle. If you want or need a 13,200 axle, just buy a 13,200 axle. I’ve known...
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    It's a Team's Life Getting that uneasy feeling…

    Didn’t she say she was going home to get the link fixed ?
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    It's a Team's Life Dreaded Weekend Chore

    One thing I learned early in life is never troll for women in a laundromat. Any woman who can’t afford her own washer and dryer will never be able to support you.
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    Fuel for Thought 'Friggin’ crooks'

    What he said.
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    It's a Team's Life Tax Day

    Actually it went to Tuesday, the 17th. Monday, the 16th, is a Holiday in Washington DC.
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    It's a Team's Life What's for Breakfast?

    Ragman’s pancakes : doesn’t get any BATTER than this . Give the man two points.
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    It's a Team's Life I want to go home

    I was at Fedex for awhile. If I only had a dollar for every time I heard "I wish Bob and Linda would just go home ! "
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    It's a Team's Life FET is DUE

    TK, you didn't read to the end. Linda's last comment was there are a lot of old wives tales about this issue. I commented on her comment. I know this is not an old wives tale. I know people are being forced to pay the FET now. They've been whispering about it for months, like it's some dark...
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    It's a Team's Life FET is DUE

    There's a lot of old wives tales....... Maybe there's too many old wives expediting ?:jester:
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    It's a Team's Life Income Tax SHOCK

    That's a complex answer. Democrats should pay 15% more than others.