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    Where do I post Expedite loads? I'm a broker

    The picture of the two Cabovers on thier website tells me all I want to know......
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    Where do I post Expedite loads? I'm a broker

    Cook County Cargo sparked my interest. Is this the government entity trying to move goods in the fulfillment of serving its people? Or someone that just is using an official looking seal ?
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    Where do I post Expedite loads? I'm a broker

    Wait ! There’s what, maybe a dozen active expediters still here ? We may have more retirees than active expediters. Maybe AARP should advertise here.
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    Where do I post Expedite loads? I'm a broker

    I don’t know the legalities. I wonder if Lawrence could let people post loads on the forum, for a fee, to spark interest.
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    Ratcheting Tie Downs

    What are the Promaster d-rings rated to hold ?
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    New cargo van o/o

    The answer to your question is YES. If you need to ask, you’re not ready for your own authority. Go sign on with 1 legit company and learn the business. You can thank me later. Tell us alittle about yourself, your experience, and your equipment. You may get pointed to a good carrier. Or not.
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    New and obviously STUPID

    Is this before, or after, he beats the crap out of the guy that told him this was a good idea? And I definitely agree with Flying Van.
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    Hello there..

    That stuffs not as old. I got rid of my N14 in 2012. My mechanic made very little money off that engine.
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    Hello there..

    I’m an old guy. So I remember the old 220, NTC 250, 270, and our shiny 290. And a V903 and a 444. I imagine that’s what you see. Maybe some 6V53s. Probably an occasional thermodyne or maxidyne. Unfortunately I’m no mechanic.
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    Hello there..

    We often get engines older than the driver. And sometimes they both leave puddles.
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    Hello there..

    Hello. Welcome to the club. Tell us alittle about yourself and what type of stuff you usually work on.
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    Hello from Las Vegas

    Some people say it’s not real Trucking. It is. Not as hard as we had it back in the 60’s with 2 stick transmissions, no power steering, before reliable ac. As you navigate through NYC, or across a frozen interstate if only to find an almost safe place to ride out the storm, you’ll feel like a...
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    Hello from Las Vegas

    Rags, some of the best straight teams couldn’t make it in TT. So, they’ll tell you they didn’t like it. Which is okay. These people are just avoiding that embarrassing first step. Seems like a smart move to me.
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    Hello from Las Vegas

    Just be prepared to not be offered Med/dental/ vision insurance.
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    Hello from Las Vegas

    I think you’re right on track. Unless you NEED steady income. And as hot as freight is right now for straights, even a rookie team will probably do pretty good if you’re with a decent carrier.
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    Similar to putting a strap door handle to door handle if possible.
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    An odd companion to have while trucking!

    Will he get motion sickness ? Other than that, I see no downside. Secure the aquarium securely. DO NOT put WE LIKE LIZARDS bumper stickers on truck. That won’t turn out well.
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    I Wanna Drive

    You went off the road for a month? I guess that means you had a job ? Did you do it properly, like giving the owner notice ? Will he/she take you back ? Why is your insurance “high” ? I would think you’d need great references for someone to take a chance on you.
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    Leoblade and Miss T

    Why do you care what kind of chili they like ?
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    He speaks in another thread of $9099 gross over 9 weeks. I figure $404.40 per week before you pay your taxes. Upside, decent guy with decent van. BTW, Love your name. In 1969 I left CHGO Monday morning and delivered LA on Wednesday. Back in Chgo Friday afternoon. Dispatcher called me Benny...