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    Recommendations for Food

    Salata is a great place. A small is plenty large for me.
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    Recommendations for Food

    You get an E for effort, but I imagine quite a few of your suggestions have way more sodium than you can imagine. I took Taco Bell off my list for that reason. And most fast food. Except for an occasional emergency.
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    Deaths by age and causes

    Did people really die of old age ? Or when old people die do people not look for a cause. You know, thinking they were due.Times up.
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    My Battle of the Bulge

    RT, I gave up two of my favorite things ,dietary , in 1984. Ice tea and beer. Can’t give up chocolate . Do I stand a chance ? What was the hardest thing for you to give up ?
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    My Battle of the Bulge

    I stopped my occasional listening of Kevin R because of his diet talking. I’d think, why doesn’t he shut up, this isn’t what I tuned in to hear, etc. I should tune in and listen this time. Fantastic story.
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    Cow milk...

    And it’s good for you.
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    straight truck with home made sleeper?

    Not slamming ya’ Class clown, always going for the easy chuckle.
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    straight truck with home made sleeper?

    My husband does not let me post pics of our fleet. Do they look that bad ???
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    Listen to your body.

    No pics please.
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    The hardest Battle is yet to come.

    With all you’ve done, I’d think you could do anything. This may be the hardest. I know someone whose nose was deteriorating. Gave up coke cold turkey. Can’t kick smoking. My mother was dying of cancer. Young. Never quit smoking. We’ll pray for you.
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    My Battle of the Bulge

    From your avatar I figured you already grow your own.
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    My Battle of the Bulge

    Put the avocados in the refrigerator. It’ll slow down the ripening.
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    straight truck with home made sleeper?

    For $2500 I’ll give you 12. 4x8 sheets of plywood 32, 2x4 studs 6 rolls insulation 1 6x8 piece of carpet 1.fantastic fan 1 hacksaw 3 rolls duct tape Some drawings on a napkin
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    straight truck with home made sleeper?

    Yes, research past posts. They’ve been talked about in the past. I see no problem if you’re running solo. You can log off duty 10 hrs and sleep on the roof if you’d like. If you want to log sleeper time, as a team, or to split break, you’ll need a sleeper that meets the regulations. You’ll...
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    How Older Men Can Feel Young Again

    I recommend hanging with younger women.
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    Got Sleep Apnea? Better read this...

    I would think the fact that you are treating it would be a plus. Who's a better candidate ? A guy that may or may not have SA, or a guy that is taking care of the problem ?