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    BIGG changes in the LITTLE Transit

    TRANSIT CONNECT FOR 2019 3 engine choices . One is a proven 1.5 liter turbo diesel. At least proven prior to the US Emissions upgrade. Passenger version much more carlike with up to 7 passengers. 2000 lb towing capacity vs zero towing capacity for the current version. 2 wheelbase options...
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    Class 8 vs Class 7

    I’ll be in a roundtable discussion with friends moving from TT to first time expediters. Considering used first truck. I know class 8. Know very little about M-2s etc. Do the smaller Mercedes have a 500,000 mile warranty? How about the Allison’s ? I may be wrong but I’d guess you could...
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    Transits are selling like Hotcakes

    I just read that Ford sold almost 11,000 Transits in July. If this continues look for less incentives or Dealer discounting
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    Recommended Vendor

    I thought I needed new hinges on the Large Norcold in the RV. Swung by a trusted refrigerator repair guy in Shipshewanna In. He quickly showed me why I needed a door. Said I can give you a take-off for $50.00., This was for the large door. They switched it out in about 20 minutes and...
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    Will I See It at the Expo

    I’ve never been to the Expo. Got a line on some good freight. 2 pallets, 2,000 lbs or less. 36 inches max height. Thinking of coming out of retirement with a midroof Transit. Team freight. I want to see some store bought sleepers. Anybody exhibiting these anymore ?
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    AGM Batteries

    Looking to replace four Odessy pc2150 AGM Batteries. Class 8 Semi, custom sleeper. Friend can’t find Odessy but keeps coming across Northstar. I never heard of them. Neither has he. He previously had Optima but was not impressed. His Onan may not have been setup for AGM when he had the Optimas...
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    Hino Goes Big

    I just looked at specs for the new Hino XL 7/8. GCWR up to 66,000 lbs. GM I believe is re-entering the medium duty market with a truck built by Navistar.
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    Talking about Rates

    I stopped in the service dept at Westfall GMC to have a friends Yukon serviced. Light Duty $139 per hour Med Duty. $150 per hour Motor homes $179 per hour Is this common ? With all the proprietary stuff on a vehicle, I used OEM dealers a lot. Glad I retired when I did.
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    Whats Up With Lite Weight Reefer Boxes ?

    I've seen two very low mileage ones for sale. Also heard rumors of door problems and roofs cracking. Just looking at the concept I didn't see how they would withstand very many hard trips into a dock. Anyone have any experience good or bad ? Are the upsides worth the risks ? Is the...