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    Cargo Van How to get a loan for a new business?

    Amazon. I’d think they’d have routes to financing.
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    Cargo Van How to get a loan for a new business?

    If new, the vehicle manufacturer has the most to gain from financing you. Profit from the vans on top of profit from the loan. Curious as to why after three months you feel your business needs this kind of capital infusion.
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    POLL exam expedite

    It’s the only company he hasn’t heard anything bad about ???
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    O/O Land Inc

    If I could have, I would have put 2 funnies on the above post.
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    It’s a great place to get freight out of. If you’re lucky /good. Is it easy to get freight out of ? That’s another question...
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    Mileage vs Percentage

    Unfortunately, deregulation did to freight what Uber did to taxis.
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    Mileage vs Percentage

    Actually detention pay is simply delay pay. Pay to compensate you for delays loading or unloading you. Many carriers don’t want to punish customers for their inefficiency. Plus, it doesn’t cost a carrier for the driver to sit there for no compensation. Sad.
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    Mileage vs Percentage

    Just an old fashion concept that people only dream about now.
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    Mileage vs Percentage

    62 % is pretty common. Since you’re just starting, I’d ask for rate confirmation from the start. Every Load, as part of your normal payroll. It’s a good habit if they agree. If not, I’d always have suspicions. By law, you have the right to know.
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    Stolen MC number ??

    Did you ask how he got your number ? He may just call random trucking companies, hoping to catch someone that he can sucker into paying some fees or deposit. Or he could have transposed some numbers, calling you by mistake.