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    A few tax questions

    You have a driver in the van. Who gets the mileage deduction? The owner or the driver ? And at 80% of $63 per day for meals, I’ll be dammed if I’d settle for 1/2 a hotdog. I’d eat 80% of the dog. Approximately 11dogs covering a two week period.
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    A few tax questions

    A guy that probably understands numbers/P&L/ROI and he puts a driver in a van. Hummm.....
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    A few tax questions

    Ionia or Jackson ?
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    credit repair service

    Steve's friend ?
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    Starting my own fleet.

    Don't be hasty. Get your CDL. Work with other family members during the 30 days off. Do they have authority/ multiple trucks ? If no, ask why. Just because you have excess disposable income is no reasonable to squander it. This is a hard business to make money in. Very hard. Not saying...
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    Seeking info on forming my own authority.

    It will also increase your risks/costs. Do you have time and energy to Chase people that don't want to pay ? Handle your own claims? Be sure to pay yourself a nice dh when needed. And pay yourself for dry runs, even when the customer refuses to pay.
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    Paying your drivers

    If you pay to a Comdata Card, the driver can set it up to transfer any or all to his bank account. $1.75 for the transfer. Any time he wants he dials in and transfers as much of his balance that pleases him. Be classy, give the driver the extra $1.75 to cover his cost. Keep it simple.
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    Financial Planner?

    Going to try to get that book to read over the weekend. Big Dave Ramsey fan. Suggest anyone reading this book read plenty of reviews on it first. They're all over the place from this is the best thing since sliced bread to he's basically a moron and his ideas are illegal in Europe. Still...
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    Financial Planner?

    Rich Dad Poor Dad Got to wonder if it's a story of a guy that got into expediting late in life.
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    Financial Planner?

    You don't have a huge distinction. Or anything else huge. I've seen your hands. This is why you are not a porno star.
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    Let's Truck Solutions

    It's common knowledge that if you can walk and chew gum at the same time you can do $275,000 plus in a DR unit at FDCC. There is also rumored to be good money at Landstar. Are any of these $275,000 plus teams at any other carriers ? Have they switched carriers and had the same results ? It may...