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  1. BlindSquid

    Continuous DEF Problems with Sprinters

    FV I formally request that my account " blind squid" be removed & or eliminated from this sandbox. (Eliminated from the entire site) If this request is insufficient to make this happen than feel free to state what must be done to effect such action.
  2. BlindSquid

    Continuous DEF Problems with Sprinters

    So as I understand the squires of the wrench (p1&gt) say the egr impacts the dpf, def,scr systems. Pondering this I can see it. As it leads in the chain of dysfunction. In my sprinter as time passed I cleaned the egr more frequently sometimes @ 35-40k intervals. I can see where this was...
  3. BlindSquid

    The Trump Card...

    I think it's called "parroting". Which says quite a few things about them. None positive however. As Voltaire once said: No snowflake in an avalanche, ever feels responsible. Course 1 positive in hard bound "tp" is it might be handy for traveling.
  4. BlindSquid

    Democratic Nominee 2020

    Sounds like your trying to say she has more sense than Trump? (If she does not run this is a proven point too) he he he Alas our man (Trump) lacked this good sense (visualize him in a river arms stretched trying to hold it back) I don't care for his verbiage, but I accept it since what he's...
  5. BlindSquid

    Continuous DEF Problems with Sprinters

    Tripping over mouse turds again. Despite defining the dpf as def it is a valid statement. They take to much babysitting. mechanics are not mechanics anymore just parts swappers based on what software tells them (aka computer) (few exceptions G t-shirt comes to mind) Computer looks @ same...
  6. BlindSquid

    Get your wallet out

    Believe me everyone that ships & receives in or along the glide path of a troll road know it's there & know they must pay. Now weather or not you get it depends on who you work for.
  7. BlindSquid

    Democratic Nominee 2020

  8. BlindSquid

    payload for 2500 promaster high roof extended?

    No iguana, it's another way of saying I liked it (the leg room in this case). Specifically I'm alluding being slightly envious. <off thread topic> Grizzly I googled that, looks like a transit? A spin of the Movano usually attributed to a future GM van (European). The Nissan NV if desired is...
  9. BlindSquid

    Loves Travel Stop

    Don't care for loves, for all the reasons stated. Useful Intel though. Exceptions always exist, and I have parked in some without issue. Size of parking lot is a clue as many are rather skimpy. Ambiance seems hostile in most (I think it's the signs).
  10. BlindSquid

    It’s 2018. Come on In

    R.T I put a towel or blanket over my face........cold nose though. Probably why so much "nose rubbing" going on above the artic circle. Eskimos are trying to warm up that nose?
  11. BlindSquid

    It’s 2018. Come on In

    VSprint that's why they rub noses! They're just laced up in em. Otherwise would be no baby Eskimos. Still jealous of these "hounds of espar", flannel sheets? Jeeze! Mummy bags r my best friend. Got a Browning "Denali". A -50 bag. Got a artic military bag, but I "plumped" out of it (can't zip...
  12. BlindSquid

    It’s 2018. Come on In

    It's a frightening concept isn't it? Eskimos don't do this. I'm thinking!? Back in the Alaska gold rush in the dead of winter, there were a few stories of prospectors running out naked in -40, -50 etc. Doing crazy things, seems the consensus was their brains froze!? Ha ha
  13. BlindSquid

    How would you choose?

    I'll give her credit for her choice. For me i to believe I'd have chosen differently.
  14. BlindSquid


    In one of these threads a video was posted of nancy pelosi decrying the tax plan as Armageddon. Since then 3 of the 4 "Yeti's of the Apocalypse" have swept across the USA (riding their polar bears). Freezing our collective butts. The 4th revealed himself in a flanking maneuver, sweeping up the...
  15. BlindSquid

    The cost of staying warm

    That's exactly right P1, he didn't have one. Thus the fulside of negativity.
  16. BlindSquid

    The cost of staying warm

    Didn't make that rating "not helpful" damn funny though. Totally correct too. (I feel your pain rater) Dealer I spoke to said gas version was dangerous. Still want one though.
  17. BlindSquid

    It’s 2018. Come on In

    Grew up in Alaska, ain't been there in some time. Blood done thinned out in old age & lower 48 living. OVM it's warmer in Fairbanks that where you are. Hhhhmmmm naked man in sprinter, -30 = naked smurf in sprinter. Visual promotes both blindness & nightmares.
  18. BlindSquid

    It’s 2018. Come on In

    FV couldn't agree more, came home. Tired a sitting & freezing for nothing. Forecast says Monday warmer
  19. BlindSquid

    snow alert for Hampton Roads VA

    Blizzard GEO blizzard . U know them fools will never see that coming. Stay home Geo. (it does seem odd to say that for that area too)
  20. BlindSquid

    We're winning with NAFTA'

    Quite valid OVM. But a fair trade off. (No value prices) personally I could live with that. As you mentioned earlier, I think my transit has to many turkey parts. (yes I'm alluding to poor quality) Damn shame too I use to be quite fond of Turkey. Ottoman empire & all that. But i Like the Kurds too