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  1. chillout

    Multiple 504 gateway errors

    lmk what happens!!
  2. chillout

    Multiple 504 gateway errors

    greasytshirt Are you still having issues? I can access both on the app and mobile on my pixel 4a... Have you tried incognito mode? Also, my chrome is a little more up to date, version 115.0.5790.166 Maybe that has something to do with it. Mike cannot find any issues on our end.
  3. chillout

    Multiple 504 gateway errors

    greasytshirt Can you let me know what you are seeing? or not seeing? and also what system you are using?
  4. chillout

    Multiple 504 gateway errors

    I've alerted our developer to the potential issue!
  5. chillout

    Box Truck Drivers Needed

    Please post this in the classifieds!
  6. chillout

    Multiple 504 gateway errors

    I'm running as fast as I can. hahah :treadmill:
  7. chillout

    Multiple 504 gateway errors

    We have been having some server issues. sorry for the inconvenience!!
  8. chillout

    Congratulations Chillout

    Thanks Leo! Glad to still be here!
  9. chillout

    EV chargers coming to Pilot

    We rented a Ford Escape to drive to the Expo last week... it had the EcoBoost feature and we got really good mileage. Not sure exactly, but drove from Florence KY to Ft Wayne IN and back... could have done it on one tank but we stopped to fill up in Piqua OH where the fuel prices were WAY...
  10. chillout


    Leo, the pop-up is cookied and set to show once per day.
  11. chillout

    Problema con el sistema DEF HINO 268 2013

    TRANSLATION: Can someone help me!!! I have taken my truck to different places to have the DEF system repaired and they have had me change many parts and it is still giving me problems!!! The code you are showing me is -> Engine P204F. Ran over a thousand miles and is not consuming the DEF fluid...
  12. chillout

    Need a partner

    Post in the classifieds, you will get a better response than on here. Driving Jobs, Trucks For Sale, Trucks Wanted
  13. chillout

    Congratulations Carol

    Thanks guys, for some reason I'm just seeing this!
  14. chillout

    It's a Team's Life Plan a Successful Delivery

    I still find it odd how many businesses have gone to a four-day week or have continued to work from home. It makes it a little difficult to deliver to an empty building that is basically now being used for storage. As an expediter, we often have 1 pallet or less to deliver to a...
  15. chillout

    Risky Business Owner Ops - Why Your Truck May Be Under Insured

    Savvy Owner Operators know that after an accident, the insurance company will look at the vehicle's Stated Amount and Actual Cash Value (ACV) and pay whichever IS LESS. You, the Owner Op, chose the Stated Amount at the start of your Commercial Auto policy. If your policy started months ago...
  16. chillout

    It's a Team's Life Expedite Team Sleep Schedule

    Often an expedite team does not drive a lot of miles in a year which equates to sitting. When sitting often one partner is asleep and the other is sitting in the cab of the truck a few feet away. Learning to sleep through noise and movement and learning how to stay awake and not bother the...
  17. chillout

    It's a Team's Life Winter Driving

    Too often accidents happen in bad weather due to drivers going too fast for conditions. We can safely drive through many bad storms or we can speed and end our career in one bad storm. When the conditions are bad and know we are the captain of our own ship we need to drive at the speed we...
  18. chillout

    Fuel for Thought Rolling with the Changes

    For many, 2020 was a very bad year for business. The same could be said for 2021, however, both of the past two years have been great for other businesses. Depending on your business model and your motivations, each of the past two years had the potential to be great revenue producing years for...
  19. chillout

    It's a Team's Life Prepare to Win in 2022

    Take the time to set yourself up to be a winner. Set up spreadsheets - file folders - financial categories - a place to keep receipts (in the truck) Each day our trucking business creates some type of receipt that if not taken care of properly means one less tax deduction. Figure out a method...
  20. chillout

    It's a Team's Life 2022 Goals

    Good-Bye to 2021 and bring in the New Year Twenty-Twenty changed all of our lives and twenty twenty-one was not any better. Our topsy-turvy world continued on with all of learning to cope and get on with our lives. Looking back on the past two years as life-changers in good and bad ways...