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  1. Unclebob

    CRE '17 - Woot!

    Have a dentist appointment on Thursday then I'll finally be ready to come back out and play. I figure 6 weeks off is sufficient. Bill, I'll race you for California. [emoji100][emoji469] [emoji267][emoji160][emoji274] [emoji85][emoji86][emoji87]
  2. Unclebob

    Hot Days of August in Crossroads Land

    I got a "get out of Florida" card. Heading for Baton Rouge. Sent from my PURE XL using Tapatalk
  3. Unclebob

    May Dolla$$ at Team CrossRoads

    After a quick trip to Chicago I'm heading back to PA. Next stop Verona
  4. Unclebob

    May Dolla$$ at Team CrossRoads

    I must have been transfered to the CRE courier division. LOL
  5. Unclebob

    May Dolla$$ at Team CrossRoads

    And Homer City Pennsylvania makes 4
  6. Unclebob

    May Dolla$$ at Team CrossRoads

    I went back in service yesterday and I have 3 loads delivered already. You gotta love those good paying shorties. At the Walmart in Avon OH. Sent from my RCT6213W87DK using Tapatalk
  7. Unclebob

    May Dolla$$ at Team CrossRoads

    Our Murray doesn't need electric start. He runs on coffee. [emoji6] Sent from my RCT6213W87DK using Tapatalk
  8. Unclebob

    April @ Crossroads Express!!

    5th load for the week and on a Sunday no less. Crossville Tennessee to Columbus Ohio. Best part is it's 14 pound box, gotta love those. Team CRE never stops trying.
  9. Unclebob

    Cargo Van Buying New Van

    I heard somewhere that diesel will be reformulated for even less sulfur in the coming years. That is bound to increase the cost of diesel fuel. It's also becoming almost impossible to find pure diesel. Most of the diesel is being blended with biodiesel which hurts fuel economy and emissions...
  10. Unclebob

    Cargo Van Buying New Van

    Many modern vehicles actually engage the rear brakes a fraction of a second before the front brakes for better stability. Hence rear brakes wear more.
  11. Unclebob

    Cargo Van This company will load with Hazmat, no insurance and leave you for dead literally

    The REMOTE possibility of not being covered for insurance when paid for by a carrier is the main reason I prefer to get my own insurance. I pay directly and hold the policy. I know exactly what I'm covered for and the quality of the insurance company. It's I may pay a few dollars more but I...
  12. Unclebob

    So you want to become an Expediter here's some info for you

    Ask for contact information for their current drivers. Contact the drivers and find out from them what's actually going on out on the road. Then you can make an informed decision. That company might be the hidden gem that you can make a good buck at or it could just be another bottom-feeder...
  13. Unclebob

    April @ Crossroads Express!!

    3 days and 3 loads. Waiting at the infamous Detroiter for the next BOOKED!
  14. Unclebob

    Low prices are killing this month!ppl bending over like crazy!

    Every business I've ever owned or managed I've had competition undercutting my prices. This business is in no way a unique business that differs from any other business in America. Every business person has competitors that they have to deal with and it's up to the individual business person to...
  15. Unclebob

    Cargo Van Buying New Van

    Don't let the overhang on the Transit worry you. I don't have any problems with heavy loads. It is also an advantage when parking, if you back into a spot along a curb the overhang can stick out over the grass and the rest of the Transit can fit in a regular size parking space. Ford's 3.5...
  16. Unclebob

    April @ Crossroads Express!!

    It's about 8% low. At 65 mph it reads around 60. I mostly use my GPS speedometer so it not too bad. I'm looking into aftermarket tuners that allow you to recalibrate your speedo for different size tires.
  17. Unclebob

    April @ Crossroads Express!!

    Well, I've been home since Easter so I guess it's about time to head back out into the cruel world of expediting. Hopefully Bill will leave a few loads for me. [emoji6] Got rid of my baby tires and put some real ones on my Transit. Michelin LTX M/S 2 245-75-16. Now it looks like it should...
  18. Unclebob

    March - big money, big money - no whammys!!!

    That's Murray's M.O. LOL as soon as you get somewhere interesting BOOKED! He only leaves you alone in the boring area's like Atlanta. [emoji47] Sent from my RCT6213W87DK using Tapatalk
  19. Unclebob

    Our Life on the Road Mobile Hotspots & WiFi On The Road

    I use a Wi-Fi signal booster with a separate magnetic antenna that I can attach to the outside of my van. It makes a big difference when you're right on the edge of a Wi-Fi signal that keeps cutting out on you.