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  1. tallcal101

    Your Sandbox,Your Rules

    Just a reminder that the Soap Box was created after Greg and I had many hours of discourse. It led to this bright idea, so we were the catalyst for it . I was the ONLY non cool aid drinker at the time, and still am it appears.However, I respect your little chat room, but since managment here...
  2. tallcal101

    Rush to Judgement

    The election has nothing to do with my coming back. If you want to place blame, the admin here continually invites me to drop by.On the day I'd had enough of Rush, I said to myself, "okay, maybe it is time to drop in and make a comment or two". I'm not opposed to unions per se, in the past...
  3. tallcal101

    Causing trouble again,I missed this place! Good abuse is so hard to find!!Hope your well, I'll...

    Causing trouble again,I missed this place! Good abuse is so hard to find!!Hope your well, I'll let you know how the book deal goes,not talking about it on FB. Where's Leo?
  4. tallcal101

    Rush to Judgement

    I'm sorry, he crossed the line my friend::censoredsign:, prostitue, and make a video of your private business is going to cost him, as it should.If it's business as usual for his listeners ,then I have to question the morals of his audience.
  5. tallcal101

    Rush to Judgement

    I really don't pay allot of attention to most of the media personalties on either side. I read the Economist regularly and try to keep up on who's making a difference,or at least trying to kick the can down the road in a positive way.Considering that CA has a "small country" economy, and as...
  6. tallcal101

    Rush to Judgement

    Believe me, I've better things to do than hang around hard right forums, or troll them for that matter. I've taken a great deal of abuse for my feelings around here, always the Californina thing, not sure what that has to do with it, but it's another shot over the bow.Rush so angered me for his...
  7. tallcal101

    Rush to Judgement

    Good to see you Dave, yes it's been a while. Hoping to have that long overdue book done by May. Already shopping agents, ugh, what a drag, awaiting the refusal letters, hoping for a miracle !
  8. tallcal101

    Rush to Judgement

    Turtle, how's it hangin' man? Trollish perhaps, but please dispute the facts of the hissy fit I put forth here. I mean really, calling me names has nothing to do with the topic I introduced,does it? Who the heck is AMonger,and what's their excuse, seems like a which hunt out here these days...
  9. tallcal101

    Rush to Judgement

    I've been in transportation for 33 years as an executive and 5 years as an over the road driver.I'm currently V P Corporate Sales for a large west coast freight forwarding company.I don't own expediters an longer ,but I do use them from time to time as a corporate client of FEXCC. I contune...
  10. tallcal101

    Rush to Judgement

    Poor old Rush"Oxicoten Addict-Mistress Monger" Limbaugh, just can't buy a break.The same day the stock market topped 13,000 and GM was recognized by our President for it's amazing recovery ( forget the union mish mash miss speak) and as unemployment is dropping like Rush's waist line, the fat...
  11. tallcal101

    Cheers from here

    Seems there are more expediters coming through Northern CA recently. I've seen a bunch of trucks the last few days. I drove to Salinas yesterday and counted 6. Hope everybody's staying busy, I'm still doing the international thing with the mining companies. Believe it or not: "A Time To Dream...
  12. tallcal101

    Cup Half Full

    You may be right Chef, you may very well be right.However,if the face of Christina can be be a simple reminder to turn the sizzle down to a slow burn, she will not have been taken in vein.If the media on both side will just take a step back, even a half step, it could be called progress.It's...
  13. tallcal101

    Is the AZ shooter a Muslim?

    Leo, he's just another young American male who decided it's so easy to drop a few bucks on a pea shooter and take out 6 innocents ,he just had to give it a ride.Pretty simple, no Muslims (except on your websites) and one more gun dealer who rang up an easy sale. Everybody wins and our...
  14. tallcal101

    Cup Half Full

    The events in Tucson were a reflection of our society at large these days. In such a dark time,it 's a blessing we have a leader that can so eloquently speak on all our behalf's to a world that is frankly baffled at what our country has come to.In him,we can take pride that a leader can reassure...
  15. tallcal101

    This Is Way Too Awesome!!!

    What's up Rocketman,it's been a while? The Onion is a regular stop off for me, it's often better then the the Daily show !! Good to see your still rockin the expediter world, hope yours was great year with a better one coming. The economic tide is turning ,as I knew it would be with a...
  16. tallcal101

    Unemployment OVER 10% in the real USA

    We are currently losing jobs at a quarter of the job loss rate of clueless w's entire last term. Wake up Leo, for God's sake man you were there.He slit the jugular,the patiant almost died,but gues what: we were saved by a miracle. I shall never forget the face of that idiot friend of Wall Steet...
  17. tallcal101

    O'Donnell: China Plotting to Take Over America

    O'Donnell is " Houston we have a problem." We have to deal with a witch named Meg Whtman out here in CA who could make you give back stuff you never stole with one glance. Between her and the one who got fired from HP it resembles the Wizard of OZ except with 2 bad witch's !! Fortunatly...
  18. tallcal101

    Jounalism at its best

    FOX is steadly becamong a parady of themselves. It had to happen, but now with the success of the Obama administrations policies to deal with the tough issues ( W's watse product) they have fast forwarded to "over the top" stage antics which they refer to as reporting.Once again it was bound to...
  19. tallcal101

    Sounds like our soapbox crew...

    I wonder if the strippers were Chinese ? Major brain trust here, me thinks they don't pass the litmus test for home grown terrorists: Do your Mother and Father share a half brother.
  20. tallcal101

    Oil spill worsens