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    No Automatic Truck they are Junk.

    We've had a Cascadia with an Allison which we loved, backing into docks was no problem at all. Now we're in a business class with the same DD13 only this one has the smart shift 10 speed... We want our Allison back. This "smart shift" has far too much hesitation between shifts (may as well be a...

    Big Truck Load bar storage

    Ours are all stored in the front of our box in the e-track. We simply get out the ones we need for a load & leave the rest stored. Our straps are kept in our side box under the box. Because our truck is so heavy we never get loads that take up the whole box.

    Fed Ex CC what a mistake

    Our fleet owner doesn't hire solo's for straight trucks unless they're willing to team. We have NO solo's in straight trucks.

    Good Eats Good to great BBQ

    While I'm not a fan of BBQ, my wife is so when the opportunity presents itself for us to park our little truck in a local BBQ joint my wife is all in for it. There's a little place just across the parking lot from the Oak Grove Petro, I-70 in Missouri, that the wife says is the best BBQ she's...
  5. Iowa 80

    Iowa 80

  6. CA Forest Rest Area

    CA Forest Rest Area

  7. CA Desert

    CA Desert

  8. New Truck

    New Truck


    Big Truck Mickey Mouse and Driver Shortages

    They can add all the amenities they want. If they can't get drivers the miles, it's not going to make a difference.

    Big Truck What speed is your truck governed too?

    80 mph for us and we use it when legal to do so, we do so appreciate when those running slower do not block the passing lane ;). We drive for a fleet owner and I asked him how fast he wanted us to run the truck. His response was do the speed limit, this is expediting ;) We're in a 2015 business...