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  1. Dynamite 1

    See You in September

    what are you doing ??
  2. Dynamite 1

    Can i find a job?

    not apples to oranges. you might do that as a o/o but fleet owners cant do that. and for us to do that imagine what the rate would have to increase to
  3. Dynamite 1

    Can i find a job?

    thats ridiculous, nodoby pays or can afford to pay like that and you know it . you also know that is not how our industry works !!!!!
  4. Dynamite 1

    Can i find a job?

    your statement as to the truck driver shortage being a lie is incorrect. go buy some trucks and try to find drivers. if you want a van driver all is good. try finding a tractor driver. if you have a pool of drivers wanting work please pass them on. us fleet owners would be happy to have the help.
  5. Dynamite 1

    Expeditor Insurance

    We dont care if CIS/Progressive is more expensive. We would never go anywhere else. We have had them for years covering the fleet and the personal touch is what is important to us. Last claim we had i just wanted to talk to them so i called and left a message to get a text reply from John that...
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    I want a Job, but Need Help/Advice

    cdl a or b or no cdl at all ???
  7. Dynamite 1

    //// Insurance Issues ..... sigh ////

    unbelievable, the answer to your ? is NO, NO, NO. Know reputable insurance company will take you on !!!
  8. Dynamite 1

    Multi Carrier

    The multi carrier thing is a bad idea all around. When you are empty you have those carriers you are signed on with all bidding against each other for the same freight for your unit and driving prices down. Darn i dont know why this is so hard to understand. I have been in this business for 18...
  9. Dynamite 1

    Are you truly receiving 100% of actual FSC?

    the real reason for the rebuttle was because you had the formula wrong. Pipe1 pointed to the correct formula and that was all we were trying to do. gGad to have you here !!!
  10. Dynamite 1

    Are you truly receiving 100% of actual FSC?

    I was trying to figure out how he got to .42 myself. The formula you used is the correct one for EIA calculations !!
  11. Dynamite 1

    March of Load One

    sorry we missed it this year first time in along long time next year for sure always a class act and on top of everything !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Dynamite 1

    New Year in Load One January 2018

    Just waiting on the rain, sleet, ice & snow they say we are suppose to get today. We'll see !!!!!!!
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    You are 45 minutes from the house via IL-121
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    Glad you called Load 1 and things worked out for you !!!!!!!!!
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    Our latest technology tool

    Gee, I dont know. Most carriers worth their weight these days have some form of a { QC } !!!
  16. Dynamite 1

    Our latest technology tool

    If there is a QC in the vehicle, the carrier is tracking !!!
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    New month and rolling toward the Holidays. Looking forwards to finishing the year off strong !!
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    The Hunt for Roadbed October

    We will start gearing up for WAA first of next month !!
  19. Dynamite 1

    The Hunt for Roadbed October

    Hope all went well and it was a productive trip !!!