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    New Pay Rate FedexCC is offering

    Has anyone switched over to the new pay Fedex is offering at a percentage of what they charge the customer instead of the per loaded mile base pay? If you have, are you making more or less now?
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    Deadhead miles to the Pick Up Miles Deductable?

    Thanks. I'm assuming you already discussed this issue with a Tax professional. I do my own taxes with H&R Block software. I did contact another driver and he told me he totals all his miles and reports that to his accountant. I posted here to get another opinion, so your answer confirmed what...
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    Deadhead miles to the Pick Up Miles Deductable?

    I accumulated 14K miles Deadhead to the pick miles, and I use the standard mileage deduction. My vehicle qualifies for that. Some of the 14K is from home to the pick up and some from a last delivery stop. Are the Deadhead miles from home to the pick up deductable?
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    Are Nissan cargo vans reliable for expediting

    Any Nissan Van owners out there that have been running their Nissan cargo van for 3 years or more? Are they cost efficient as far as being reliable? Do their engines, transmission, and rear hold up. Any issues that stand out? I know they are shorter and that's nit an issue for me.
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    Are Nissans a good quality van for expediting?

    I've been running 2012 Ford E350, 5.4L gas engine that is supper reliable. 628K miles and the only rebuild I had to do was the trans. I need a higher backdoor and am wondering how reliable the Nissan's are. The Transits, Promaster, and Mercedes seem to be very costly in repairs and aren't built...
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    Barrett Directline

    How much does Barrett pay per loaded mile, and do they charge the customer a fuel surcharge? I also wonder if they charge a hazmat charge, inside delivery charge, toll assistance, and an nay deadhead pay to pick up a load afetr certain distance for the current truck location while off duty.. A...
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    The Real Answer to a steadily booming economy

    Congress has no limit of how much money it could create. Whatever Congress decides to spend money that will create jobs to produce whatever goods and services they want. Our money supply now is at the mercy of the "Federal" Reserve Board and the banks which is what causes Booms and then busts...
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    The Real Answer to a steadily booming economy

    Repeal the "federal" Reserve Act. I've studied the details of where our money comes from, and 98-99 % of it private commercial banks create our money by creating an interest bearing loan. The Federal Reserve Act signed into law in 1913 took the power away from Congress creating our money supply...
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    How many miles do the Ford Transit Engines last?

    Does anyone own a Ford Transit with milage over 500K-600K? I'm curious if these smaller engine can last as long as the 5.4L engines the Econolines had. I mean lasting without any major failures. The same question for the Transmission, and Rear and Driveshafts. Bottom line, are they as reliable...
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    After the last conference call, I didn't hear any questions about our pay rate, for flat raters, so I emailed Michael Abood. He emailed me an new incentive program that if you meet its numbers you get an addition $250. As of this writing I didn't go over it very carefully, but at a quick glance...
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    2017 Ford Transit Rear Differential Problems

    The Transit is unreliable, the Sprinter still has glow plug problems, Dodge,really a Fiat in disguise has a transmission part made of plastic that fails every 30K, and headlights that last one month, so none of these vehicles are as reliable as the 5.4L Ford E 350. So bottom line with these new...
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    Every Ford Transit owner I've talked to has had nightmares of a van that is unreliable, and is always having mechanical issues. How is it possible to make a living with such a horrible vehicle. Dodge, Sprinters also have their issues. Since the Econoline is isn't made anymore, there isn't any...
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    Mechanical Ford transit owners

    Ive talked to 3 owners of Transits. I will NEVER buy one. When I upgrade since the Econoline isnt available will settle for a GMC. None of the high roof models are reliable. I talked to Sprinter and Dodge owners, they arent reliable and cost alot of money due to constant repairs.
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    Anyone Running A Ford Transit Van?

    I now jave talked to 3 owners of Transits. All bad news. 1. 2013 150k failed driveshaft and rear. Brakes and tires dont last long. 2. This owner had the engine fail-at 4k. 2017. 3. 2015 90k miles. Engine problems and now has to replace driveshaft every 30k.
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    The Newer Unreliable Cargo Vans

    I just to talked an owner of a 2017 Transit. At 4000 miles his engine failed and had to be replaced. Seems like the Transit nightmares never end.
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    2015 Ford Transit Maintenance Costs

    Good luck with the Ford Transits. I talked to an owner of one the first year they came out. At 150,000, his driveshaft and rear failed, the brakes don't last very long, the tires last half as long as his Chevy cargo van did. You guys running 2015's might be in for some big suprises buy the time...
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    The Newer Unreliable Cargo Vans

    I've talked to owners of the following vans, and all have problems with relatively low mileage for expediting. 1. The Ford Transit: at 150,000 miles: Replaced the driveshaft, the rear, tires and brakes that don't last very long, and transmission problems. 2. The Dodge (Fiat): Headlights that...
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    Roberts Express Memorabilia Pictures (Win $$$)

    I received this jacket from the CEO when I wrote him a letter with an idea I had to standardize the local directions from shippers which had a all different starting points and was chaotic. My idea was to pick out one point in every center, and then ask each shippers to submit direcrtions from...
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    Anyone Running A Ford Transit Van?

    Any B units out there running a Ford Transit Van? If so, do have enough miles on it to compare the reliability to the Ford E350's with the 5.4L engine, which are extremely reliable? If you have found it to be reliable, which engine are you running? (Gasoline engines only, I don't trust Ford...