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    Larger Sprinters?

    I had a 08 Sprinter extended. I did local delivery. I was paid by the stop. I got 4 pallets in it if I turn two of them on narrow side. it can be done. I would not want to drive cross country with the van that full, but often went couple to 300 miles. I was empty coming back.
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    air compressor/tire inflation

    what do yall use to inflate tires? i was thinking of mounting a 12v compressor under the passenger seat but most compressor ive seen are weak. any ideas or pics of what you carry
  3. Charity's Van

    Winter survival suggestions, tips?

    Fastman sorry about your loss, my deepest sympathy
  4. Charity's Van

    Winter survival suggestions, tips?

    i carry a full carhart overalls and jacket, insulated boots, hat, gloves and extra blankets. i travel with my doggie and he gets a all weather jacket. there are cans of sardines, cartons of soup and always a case of water.
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    sprinter OTR newb question

    That is a good explanation LBD, i am a delivery guy nowadays. I have done it both ways. I like my out and back. The OTR is fine too and it paid me about 10% more. I was a bit more rested and had some time to sight see. As out and back, there is some urgency to return home to be back on call.
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    2021 MB Sprinter 2.0 gas or diesel

    there is a tube but no stick on promasters. are you saying the vans made after 18 have no tube? i have no idea on the newestversion with the 9 spd. on my 18 any stick could work if long enough, just stick it in till it bottoms out. when trans is at operating temp; then 2" on stick is fine. just...
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    Thinking About Getting Back Into Vans... Most Reliable and Cost-Effective?

    my thoughts on van. if you want to carry heavy the 3500 extended promaster, if you want to carry bulky but light 2500 sprinter extended.
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    Been driving now 4 months in 2021 van

    you driving 600 miles a day 5 days week and looking for weekend work? What happens is your sunday delivery gets held over to Monday? How could you get back to your town to get in the companys van?
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    I’m looking for box truck loads in Mississippi

    where in MS? im near Memphis, there seems to be a need for box truck runs from the amazon warehouses there. I run a sprinter so not much help on any contacts though
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    What is a TSA certified driver?

    that is not true now and may not have been before. my STA number/qualification is mine. I drive and tender at airports for multiple carriers. they all accept my number. i use their IAC form signed by me when i drop off. its just another form with the airbills, manifest, ect...
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    2021 MB Sprinter 2.0 gas or diesel

    dealer tells me you can get a 170 wb but not a 170 ext wb in a gas engine
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    Swapped Instrument Cluster on Sprinter

    im learning the instrument cluster must be programmed to your vehicle. seems i need somebody with speedometer experience to take info from old one and transfer to the new one. sounds simple huh? yeah well its over my ability limit
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    Swapped Instrument Cluster on Sprinter

    Hey Folks, I have a 2008 Sprinter. It came with the Low line instrument cluster and no steering wheel buttons. I have a non running 08 that has the Hi line instrument cluster and steering wheel buttons. I installed the Hi line and wheel buttons on my van. Everything seems to work fine except...
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    drove it 275k miles never got the tick others did. changed trans every 50k miles. only time van...

    drove it 275k miles never got the tick others did. changed trans every 50k miles. only time van was ever out of service a wheel came off a truck & busted the front end, spent a few days at the body shop. hauled up to 3500 lbs often. i no longer own this it was financed in my mothers name, she...
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    Loading box truck

    put van in neutral, set park brake, use wheel chocks. thats best way not to cause transmission issues. having tran in neutral reduces chance that park prawl (gear that keeps trans in park)could be broken
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    Update to a 7 spd

    the 07 is computor complicated enough, i am considering putting another drive line in it and was on the quest for optimum fuel economy at the same time. that is the reason for questions about the 7 spd. thanks for the replys
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    Update to a 7 spd

    I have a 2007 Sprinter with high miles and a bad engine. I am considering putting another engine in it and returning it to service. Is the 7 spd that is in the newer vans compatable with the OM642? I am looking for mods to increase fuel mileage and longevity. Anybody know what this may entail or...
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    Pay...van owner/ does it work?

    What does all in pay mean?
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    Chinese diesel heaters

    this is my second year with a chinese heater. only issue ive had was dirt in the intake. its been a great unit.i resisted for a while because i thought i wanted a espar gasoline one that could tie into my gas tank. finally price won out. i purchased my heater nad install from reds custom...
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    Goodbye to the J

    my van runs on gas. i fuel at the pilot/fly j because of price. i check with my gas buddy before i pay for gas just to be sure i get a good price. i get the 3 cent discount with the loyality card along with the half shower credit. i also get 5 cent discount with my gas buddy card. i joined...