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    We are ingesting plastics now,,,,noooo way???

    Wow this thread was not at all what I expected
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    Flexibility when working for a carrier

    My 2 cents - I am a O/O expediter with a Transit van out of Oklahoma which is not in a freight lane for the company I work for. I have to drive home best case scenario from TX, but oftentimes from TN or MS or IL after being out more than a month as there is not a lot of options for me. Once...
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    Big Truck Insurance new authority NY

    Have you considered just driving a sprinter van? The profit margin is at least similar and often higher than this projection monthly and you could own the vehicle outright rather than have the cost of leasing. Not to mention nowhere near the overhead. If you spend you spend 10 to make 15...
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    A message of Thanks during this holiday season

    Just wanted to express my appreciation to all the posters who have shared their information here over the years. With knowledge sourced almost exclusively from this board, I was able to land a position with an outstanding company back in the spring. I've since put about 90,000 miles enjoying my...
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    Sprinter owner going for it and will update this board

    Update - Have applied with the three initial companies I liked and have "interviewed" with their HR in some capacity. So far, I have yet to meet a very professional person in these few brief interactions that reads their emails or other basic tasks. It seems the only thing that is important to...
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    That ad with Bass Pro Santa behind plexiglass is pure 2020
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    Sprinter owner going for it and will update this board

    That's him. Tim Paxton - anyone know where he went? I enjoyed his content and he gave me some van advice back in the day.
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    Sprinter owner going for it and will update this board

    Greeting forum. My wife and I have a full time business in the comic convention world...which you can imagine has screeched to a dead halt due to Covid. Since we have a 2017 Transit that has gone unused for the better part of this year, I am going to try O/O Sprinter van route and see how it...