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  1. ebsprintin

    August in Load One Nation

    I had an 8 track player in my '73 Toronado. eb
  2. ebsprintin

    August in Load One Nation

    Wow. It's already over a week since the expo. It was good to see a lot of my Load One friends there. I just replaced the fuse for my ac. It sits for a few days in damp weather and it goes out. I keep moving, and it keeps running. eb
  3. ebsprintin

    Catch-up Report

    Achy knees are usually what tells me to check my shoes and then it shows in my heel wear. This time it threw me a curve ball. eb
  4. ebsprintin

    4-Wheeling Marshmallows And The Expediter : 4-Wheeling

    Would you wait for the second S'more? eb
  5. ebsprintin

    4-Wheeling Shiny and New : 4-Wheeling

    Hoekstra's in Grand Rapids.
  6. ebsprintin

    4-Wheeling Major Major Repairs : 4-Wheeling

    Yep, that's the one. I'm opting to also do the catalytic converter and dpf, since I been burning so much oil through them. I sort of wish it had been a catastrophic failure, like a broken oil pump; I probably would have done this earlier. Yes, this is the devil I know. eb
  7. ebsprintin

    4-Wheeling Major Major Repairs : 4-Wheeling

    Maybe I can trade some cotton for one.
  8. ebsprintin

    Simple Question

    depends on how many marshmallows i get today. --eb
  9. ebsprintin

    Welcome to March, and have you ever noticed

    what's wrong with people like me? --eb
  10. ebsprintin

    4-Wheeling Long And Heavy : 4-Wheeling

    This is a fuzzy shot of a better angle. The last five hundred pounds or so always sits about this high. You can see marks where the bumper touches the axle. Only axle/rear end issue was 450,000 miles ago and that was a broken retainer that allowed the axle to slide out. That break appeared to be...
  11. ebsprintin

    Speed Limits and fuel economy

    I still drive between 55 and 60, closer to 55. And I'm still overtaking other vehicles. It also seems that in the higher speed zones that most people aren't maxing out these days. eb
  12. ebsprintin

    What to do with those roof mounts?

    I removed mine and saved it for the aluminum. eb
  13. ebsprintin

    solar panels anyone?? The link goes to the weight of my components. I've since added a third panel. Wiring and hardware for the third panel adds up to maybe three pounds. A little on the van. Another write up. A little more on the...
  14. ebsprintin

    Which Lane

    I was taught in driving school that if I am keeping up with traffic to travel in the second lane from the right. Otherwise, the right lane. eb
  15. ebsprintin

    Welcome to March, and have you ever noticed

    It was t-shirt weather in Greencastle, Indiana today. eb
  16. ebsprintin

    Welcome to March, and have you ever noticed

    Yes, it was a heck of a day yesterday. Pasadena, Texas is a nice change. The roads here aren't paved with snow and ice. eb
  17. ebsprintin

    Welcome to March, and have you ever noticed

    First out, Topeka, Kansas. Enjoying the thaw. --eb
  18. ebsprintin

    Honey is like the eo of beekeeping. lot of information about bees and honey. eb
  19. ebsprintin

    properly strapped in loads

    I thought it has to have a minimum of two straps. eb
  20. ebsprintin

    4-Wheeling The Weekend Report : 4-Wheeling

    Write blog articles. --eb