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  1. NorthernBill


    A Tanker endorsement, can be useful as well.
  2. NorthernBill

    Sprinter frame crack

    Thanks for posting your problem. Must have been a heck of a ride. Did the van body hit the ground? Does it have any suspension modifications? A really good welder type of person, could fish plate the damaged section. Like you were saying, bolting plates over the crack, not so sure.
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    What to bring to my first day?

    Would help to know what you will be doing. A good GPS and phone plan, plus pack your stuff in smaller size bags.
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    Used but good engine installed at 806,000 miles. Ran a MI to GA over the weekend.
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    Up date on my Sprinter. Turned out to be a holed no 1 cyl. There were parts of a valve, injector and glow plug on top. MB mechanic did comprestion test, after I agreed to replace the high pressure fuel pump. Had it transported to Wyane’s place from Nashville, TN. He has a good used engine...
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    Shut down like turning the switch off. High pressure pump was not building enough fuel pressure. Not liking how this playing out. New pump and fuel regulator increased pressure, just not enough. Looking for a injector stuck open, not allowing pressure to build.
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    Don’t remember what they call it. But the 2011 v-6 3 liter Diesel. 806,000 miles.
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    Joke time, enter yours

    Why don’t blind people jump out of airplanes? It scares their dogs!
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    Broke down Thursday morning, halfway through a 1800 mile trip. Not a easy one this time. Engine shut off at highway speed. $4000 and still not running. Maintenance fund is going to be crying. LOL. Enjoying Nashville and chilling!
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    Sprinter van, XPO, the few load offers we have had dropping in said area. Yes they offer a premium, not as good as a year ago. Depends on customers requirements.
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    XPO to sell pieces of itself, or will OntarioVanMan get his dime.

    I’d say, good marketing of the brand. Article stated stock price traded higher. As for the dime, it’s now worth about a nickel.
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    Van Expediting time windows

    Our carrier uses 50 mph, sometimes they leave out time to actually get loaded. Most of the time there is no time aloud for figuring out the route, stowing away stuff and getting under way. Before accepting the load 50 mph is quick to figure. So one can determine if it is really deliver direct!
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    And 2020

    Happy to report, that the country fried steak breakfast, at the Detroiter. Is still purty good! More than a few vans here.
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    And 2020

    Still get a kick out of Monday loads! Philadelphia to Toledo.
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    Current towing costs?

    Yep, $125 for about 7 miles. Was a under 26,000 roll back.
  16. NorthernBill

    And 2020

    Happy New Year to everyone! Finished up the last decade solid. Now running a Chicago to the city of brotherly love.
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    brand new owner-operator! Needing help!

    It would be helpful if you could provide information about your operation. Have you looked over the newbies section?
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    November 2020 Is For Turkeys

    Like the way the question was. The Discount Tire salesmen basically stated that the Agilis Cross Climate was a improvement on the Discover. Better wear and load carrying design.
  19. NorthernBill

    November 2020 Is For Turkeys

    New tires on our 2011 last week. 784,531 on the clock, original engine and transmission.