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  1. greasytshirt

    You probably won't agree with this chart.

    How biased is your news source? How biased is your news source? You probably won’t agree with this chart I happen to think this chart is fairly accurate.
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    How would you choose?

    'I want to live': Doctors amputate all woman's limbs after car crash, electric shock I would have chosen differently.
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    My Dad is dying.

    And I got a call from an unlisted number this morning. The person was gleeful that dad was on his way to Hell, and gave me a stern warning that I'd suffer the same fate unless I repent. And people wonder why athiests always seem angry. Perhaps if they first remove the plank from their eye. I...
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    A Planned Parenthood clinic has been shot up.

    A pro-lifer killing people. Staggering irony, right there. Let the abusive language begin.
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    Homo naledi, a new species of human, discovered in a cave in South Africa

    Homo naledi, a new species of human, discovered in a cave in South Africa Remarkable discovery. To remove the remains, they had to send in a group of petite female anthropologists. The route through the cave was so tiny that some could only squeeze through after exhaling. Edit: H o m o...
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    Very few women are emotionally damaged by, or regret having abortions.

    I read this study and found the results pretty interesting.
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    Offensive Flag, part IV

  8. greasytshirt

    Why climate change can't be true (even though it is).

    I read this post and thought it was interesting.