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  1. Scott555

    Equipment / Pay

    Get a decent extension cord and cut off the end. You should be able to fish it thru those vents at the bottom of the bulkhead/partition. Then any Lowes or Home Depot type hardware store will sell new ends (typically to repair damaged cords, etc) you can re-wire to the extension cord and you're...
  2. Scott555

    New From Texas

    Greets from Fort Worth!
  3. Scott555

    Too hot to sleep

    I know it's old...but why not get the A/C checked? Even in the furnace that is Texas, especially at night, there shouldn't be any reason your truck isn't cranking cold AC at idle. For the cost of a few motel stays, you could be in good shape moving forward. Good freon levels, pressure/vac...
  4. Scott555

    Add another Texan account on EO

    Hello all, Just wanted to drop in and say hi. I'm not new to the road, the industry, or the madness...but finally decided to get my own truck and start driving on my own. O/O out of DFW area. I'm excited to learn the ins and outs of expediting specifically. Previously I was moving art...