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    Ohio CDL Question

    Im in the process of studying for my cdl. My question is.. do i get the Medical card before or after I take the written and skills test? I would think before but the form ask for my drivers license number and I would not want to put the wrong one in there in case they issue a new number when I...
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    Qualcom notification

    I see now said the blind man..thank you.
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    Qualcom notification

    Ive tried searching for this question but couldnt find the answer. Ive heard people talk that when the qualcom goes off they have 10 min to respond and 10 min to be wheels rolling. My question is...If you are out of the truck to grab a bite to eat or something how will you know whats coming...
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    Hello, Im new to this site but have been reading for awhile. and would like to give an outsidrs point of view if I might. While reading post for the last few months and talking peronaly with diffrent drivers, a couple of them being panther II van drivers, I am of the belife that the Van Market...