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    Solo Straight truck drivers

    Hey man, i dont know if you've gotten an answer yet, but i work for NorAm, leased onto load one. We stay moving!!!
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    Old expedite pics?

    Hey guys... I'm new here, and i love old trucking pics from the 80's-00's. Do any of you have any old expedite pics from back then? I remember i used to see them on the road when i rode with my dad in the mid 90's- early 2000s. Just looking for some nostalgia, i suppose. Any help would be awesome!
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    Newbie, about to go to CDL school next week

    Hey guys! I'm Phillip. I start class b cdl school next week and it's a 2.5 week class. I've done non cdl expedite trucking before for a while, and things seem to have changed since then. Back then i had a coffin sleeper built into the box of the truck, and ran on loose leaf logs, caffeine and...