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    Tax Deductions For Non-Owner Operators

    Can you write off your fuel expenses? Also, for those experienced, what would be the best way to organize your expenses? Would you send them in quarterly or would you send them to your tax guy by trip?
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    Doing my research: have questions

    I made some calls today and found out they typically meaning they the fleet owners want you to be out for three weeks then home for about five days. Also I’ve been watching expedite America on YouTube.
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    Just researching

    Good evening, i’m Hunter. I’m from Melbourne Florida. Are used to have my CDL and plan on getting it back at the beginning of next year. Interested to know the differences between van and box truck driving. Honestly, I think it would be easier than driving an 18 wheeler. I do I have high...
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    Doing my research: have questions

    Good day, New member here. I’m doing my research and contemplating whether I should be driving an 18 wheeler, which I’ve done before. Or stick with a small expediter type van or straight truck. I live in central Florida on the East Coast in Melbourne. What are the pros and cons of driving a...