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    Canadian looking for work

    Dean07, RJR Tranpsortation is a Canadian based expediting company that may be able to put a Canadian Sprinter on. Call Paul Lane at 800-265-9613 x222. Good Luck, ABC
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    Are Recruiters Really the Lying Scumbags Drivers Say They Are?

    Sorry for the late response, but I haven't been on the site for a week or so. Good question though and worth responding to. I can respond to this question by asking are drivers always late to their pick ups and deliveries?? How can you place all recruiters in one general category. The...
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    Canada RJR

    I have all the information you could ever need on RJR... We are currently looking for owner operators with straight trucks and tractors. On the U.S side, I am only leasing on team operators. On the Canadian side, Paul can take either. However, he will prefer a team. You can reach Paul...
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    need training!! ABC
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    how bad is this ??????

    Leo, Good point, but keep in mind some companies do take care of a lot of overhead. Independant contractors must look at the whole picture!! Some companies pay for all insurance, tolls, bridge crossing and all deadhead. So Pete, at $2400 for the week, what expenses...
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    need training

    Outlaw, Your wife can get her cdl class b by going to the dmv in TN and taking the written test to get her temp. Once she passes the written test, then she can take the road test by either renting a vehicle that has air brakes and rated over 26,000 gvw. You can usually find one of these...
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    Travis, Do you own your own truck or are you looking to hire on to a fleet owner as a solo? If you have your own truck, there are lots of companies that will lease you on. I do agree with Davekc though....if you are looking to run the long runs, look for a smaller company that doesn't...
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    Team Miles?

    Glad to hear....just don't spend it all at once....Make sure you save some for that rainy day. ABC
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    Panther driver placement assistance?

    Hey Vinnie, Not being a P2 recruiter, but being a recruiter for 14 years, what everyone has said is right on the nut! Trying to find a good qulified tractor driver is extremely difficult. Every motor carrier has guidelines, policies and certain credentials that the driver must follow...
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    Team Miles?

    tnt1271, You shouldn't be too concerned just yet...2,000 miles/wk is ok for now, but keep in mind that your miles should start slowly increasing as the days pass. January and February are known for being a little slower, but keep in mind, you are entitled to some long runs to get your miles...
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    Sprinter Van or Straight Truck

    Dresow, Leo and Trkmngr have it right. Cargo vans are all over the place and just about any expediting company would drool over a team in a straight truck. I do realize that you are probably getting a little tired of driving a big truck, but I think you and your wife will enjoy the...
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    Attn, recruiters for ALL companies!

    Roadee, Not sure if you have had any answers to your questions, but a simple response would be...if you are willing to stay out 2-3 weeks at a time, MN would be a decent place for you to be domiciled out of. The trick is trying to find a fleet owner that is willing to put on a solo from that...
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    A little help pls

    drgracer46, Dave is right...Have your wife get her cdl class b by studying the book and renting a truck that has the air brakes. You can help her with the pre-trip and driving part. When she does obtain her hard copy cdl, work on getting a few names and numbers of some fleet owners that...
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    Thinking of driving

    Stillearning, Husband and wife teams are ideal in this industry. As long as you and your wife both have class b cdl's, there is a company out there that can lease you on. Whether you have no experience, recent experience or are newly cdl holders, some of the expediting companies will be...
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    H/W Team question

    PLX MICH, Good question...Yes and Yes would be the answers. There are companies out there that would have your wife drive with a learners permit, but the truck would count more towards a "super single". What this means, is that tecnically, the truck would be listed as a solo truck until she...
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    Unfortunately, most companies have to follow the insurance guidelines set up for them. As we all know now, those companies somewhat dictate to us what we can lease on and what we can't. With a careless op on his mvr, most likely he will have to wait the 3 yr time period. With a 14 mph over...
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    OnMyWay, There's no need to fear....Don't be too concerned about the recent suspensions, there are plenty of other expediting companies that will take you on as an owner operator with a straight truck. What I would recommend is call a few of the companies listed on this site and find out...
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    Diamond Delivery Service?

    I believe you want to call Larry at Diamond. You can reach him at 800-555-7832. He can answer any questions you might have on Diamond. Thanks, Phil
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    D-Unit Pay Rate

    dpea9, Leo is right, not all companies make you carry 13,000 lbs to be considered a d unit. We at Tri-State only require a payload of more than 10,000 lbs and a box size of greater than 16' to be listed as a d unit receiving the $1.20/mi. As you probably have found out, most of the freight...
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    straight truck age

    Tracy1026, With a 1994 straight truck, you should probably start off with some of the smaller expedite companies. Most of the large carriers require 97,98,99 or newer. Try calling or emailing the companies that you can find here, and your bound to find a company that will get you started...