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    Hello Expediters... Long Time... What have I missed? Besides friends here?

    Hello everyone, been out of the scene for a while but wanted to make an attempt to get back involved and back up to speed with the industry. How goes it?

    Need a room at Roberts Center hotel for expo?

    Ok, room still available for expo2008...

    Need a room at Roberts Center hotel for expo?

    Room Available at Roberts Center Hotel for Expo2008 23rd-27th!! Hey everyone, due to last minute business obligation I am not going to be able to attend the Expo this year. I booked a room about 5 months in advance and it will be available for the 23rd through the 27th if interested as I will...

    Are you all going to the Expo?

    Looking forward to 2008, had a blast at 2007..... Last year the show was a blast for a 1st timer and great networking opportunity. Although this year I will not be attending with the same company as an exhibitor after accepting a personal career growth opportunity, I still booked my room almost...

    Glad to be back!!!

    I have local positions available in Charlotte, NC.. Atlanta, GA...

    Glad to be back!!!

    Hello everyone who may recall speaking with me previously as I became involved with EO. After a Career change I am glad to be back hoping to continue providing information to any and all who may wish advice, opinion from a seasoned veteran of the industry. Over the next couple of weeks before...

    Expedite Expo Expedite Expo 2008 - It's Your Show...

    Lawrence, Cannot wait for the show, attended the first last year and definately will not miss this year. Definately alot of good opportunities and networking over the course of the show for all.

    Are Recruiters Really the Lying Scumbags Drivers Say They Are?

    Alright, I will be the one to stick my neck out here and give my 2 cents. While I do think the wording here is quite harsh I do have to agree with a couple of the posts replies in that a recruiters reputation is usually due to the drivers actions and whether they were beneficial or not. Keep...

    CB Radios

    I gotta agree with LEO on this one. If you are just starting off get you a good Cobra 19 or 29. Dont worry about all the peaking and tuning stuff but do make sure your antenna is good with the 18 ft coax, single antenna on drivers side. Should you ever build a "big radio" do not add a linear...

    Team Miles?

    Well, I cannot speak for other carriers besides in saying right now as you know is a slower part of the year. As far as how each carrier handles that time of year if what sets them apart. This time of year is time to be pro-active and find the freight, as I mentioned earlier the team that I...

    I'm going to be sitting how long?

    I definately support Leo's explanation. I was an OTR Freight O/O and work directly now with many people coming from Freight to Expedite and it is a huge adjustment at first but most grow to love it once it gets in their blood.

    Team Miles?

    Let me start by saying welcome to the world of expedite.... As for your question about the miles during the "slow" time of the year in expedite I think 2000 is better than some have mentioned unfortunately. Although I do not have alot of teams with my company I was looking at one of them today...

    Sprinter Van or Straight Truck

    Dresow, If you were to pose this question to me from my companies point of view I would definately say go with the class 8 stretch straight unit. Remember, in a straight truck if the load is smaller you can pull it, in a cargo van if it is larger you have to pass it up. Also, if your OTR you...

    EO Code of Conduct

    Hey, the more the merier and experience helps so many. I do not see why you would be asked to ever leave.. Once an expediter.... always an expediter... Isn't that what they say? Have a good night...

    EO Code of Conduct

    Joe, thanks for the kind words and I will surely try not to let you down, lol!!! My thoughts are yes you will get those who might use this as a sounding board after a rough run or some type of conflict but just like myself. I have talked to quite a few now who are drivers for sure...

    EO Code of Conduct

    I agree fully. Although, I must admit even though I have only been involved here for a short time I pretty much am here daily at different times reading, replying, etc and I have noticed a great bunch of people. Seems, drivers, moderators, recruiters all seem to interact thus far with great...

    deer in the headlights

    If this person is like me I cannot stand single dollar bills so I might have done the same to get a $ 5 dollar bill back instead of a bunch od singles..... Who knows though, maybe the 2 6's was actually it....;)

    What does it take to get YOUR attention as a driver today?

    Friendlier dispatchers huh???? I now surely hope this is not one of my drivers, lol... Anyway, I can see both sides though now that I have been in the office and honestly it is communications that causes the stress between. I still say a driver should shadow a dispatcher for a week and the...

    EO University Workshop Expediter Workshops 2008

    Lawrence, Looking forward to Knoxville for sure. Plan on attending all of these.. Thanks for the info..

    It's Cold This Weekend! Where Are You?

    I know one thing as I sit here in my office this morning I am looking at the weather channel telling me it is 18 degrees here in Kernersville, NC. Brrrrrrrrr