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    reefer unit on straight truck

    I believe the 7 year restriction for Landstar is only for the Cold Chain (TVAL - temp-validated) department which is mostly high dollar pharmaceutical freight. There is other reefer freight at Landstar that isn’t considered cold chain(TVAL) that you should be able to haul. Call Landstar if you...
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    Husband/wife partnership LLC and Per diem question

    Hi all, For any husband/wife teams that formed an LLC and have it as a partnership pass through. Where do you enter your per diem expense: as part of the K1? On a schedule E(1040) as a “unreimbursed partnership expense” for each of you? Do you have something in your LLC agreement that refers...
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    For those using Quicken a couple of questions

    Thanks for replies, I'll chat with our tax guy about entering it. We currently use ATBS, and they don't do the per diem until the end of the year, and I find their data entry skills to be lacking. Profit gauges looks decent, but I may want to use the personal side of quicken as well. We're...
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    For those using Quicken a couple of questions

    I am looking into getting quicken home and business and am curious about how you enter the standard meal per diem. If possible I'd like to enter it as a monthly item so that it will be used to calculate a lower quarterly tax estimate. Thanks for any info! Dutchie