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    Hillary has changed her looks, scary imho

    That is how you tell she is a dictator in waiting.
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    Hawaii, what a mess

    And tv ads......
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    The Pillow man's cellphone and the FBI

    Yup they surrounded him while his family was with he pulled in to a hardies to get food......4 fbi SUV in circled his car.....can you say over kill/intimidation tactics.
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    Old expeditor, old habits,lets go camping

    Red woods in northern California....
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    Where do you potty now?

    A boy declared his self a girl and wore a skirt....was aloud to use the girls bathroom in school where he raped a board covered it up and sent boy to another school only for him to rape a second girl in the bathroom.....give them their own bathroom or put them in chasity belts.
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    Really, this can't be true

    Imagine what their wifes will do to them lol
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    Really, this can't be true

    If true Biden and the Democrats are going to lose badly in November.
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    A women stands up , makes the cops in Texas look stupid..imho

    Proves a good person with a gun can stop evil.
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    losing her mind

    Hes got more brains than aoc,harris,and warren put together.....
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    losing her mind

    She like Biden are just wow.....
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    For those that hate spiders....

    Yea I would rather use a can of wd40 and a lighter.
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    I really do have...

    I could crack a joke here but I won't......enjoy your pipe.
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    History and we never learn.....

    It's like they hired every :censoredsign:show Democrat or liberal that they could and then said do your worst at managing your job.
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    History and we never learn.....

    Yes and many are helping.
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    No ice fishing shanties...

    Lol proves some people are stupid.....
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    Naval corruption

    Because they are stupid and greedy.
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    Neighborhood wars , early warning now....

    Never ever been stupid enough to warrant a tazer even when I was younger lol.
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    Happy Veterans Day for some

    I miss this president......and so does my wallet. Thank you to all that have served our country.