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    Biden 2.0

    Ok someone told me that Biden doesn't act like Hitler but......
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    Liz Cheney.....oh boy.

    How many of you think she will keep her job?
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    Waukesha, wi

    The dirt bag that drove into a Thanksgiving parade should be put in a jail cell and have the cell door welded shut forever.
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    Alec Baldwin

    Mr liberal did something very stupid and fired a prop gun on a movie set BEFORE inspecting it for blank shells or live ammo. The armourer and prop person also failed in inspecting the gun before handing it off to Baldwin.....but he is both the lead actor and producer on the set of "rust". The...
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    Arizona audit

    Wow someone wiped the election management system of all election data that was supposedly to be saved under federal law.
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    Coast guard captured boat with

    1.4 billion in drugs today.....billions not millions. Someone in the drug cartel is not going to have a good day.....
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    New York's governor

    The ny ag letitia james just declared Cuomo is looking at federal and state charges for sexual harassment.
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    The southern border.

    So as of this last weekend 8,000 illegals crossed into the usa in mission,tx .....but there is no border crisis from what the Democrats say.
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    wow france....

    Ok the underwear bomber knew the guys that attacked the newspaper in france....wonder where the dots are going to conect to next.