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    Leaking battery bank

    Can anyone point me to the dot regs on has to do with a aux battery bank that powered my espar in my van.
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    Genorator power question

    Can a 110 volt ac run on a 220 plug on a genorator if you have a plug that converts it to 110 plug?
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    slush busters

    It's Not Rocket Science, Ltd. Home Page is i think the still working website for them.
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    rottilla t6 oil

    Meijers stores this week are selling 2 1gal for $40 of the t6 blue bottle and you also get one $5 mail in rebate.
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    van tires

    mmm just went on a little tire research for my sprinter:cool: 245/75/r16 michelin ltx m/s2 tirerack $182.00 costco $202.00 belltire $222.00 discounttire $224.00 now discounttire has matched the price of tirerack as of 2pm today and should have the tires by...
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    gps sun visor

    found this online and glad i got it before our run to laredo,tx!:cool:
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    bunk beds in a sprinter

    bunk beds home build!
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    new toys for the gps

    Official Site: GPS Visors,Shades,Glare Guards,Glare Stopper,Anti-Glare and yes they make them for the 7 inch. found a screen protector close enuff to just need a little trimming
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    online auto parts store

    anyone ever do business with
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    solar van

    well i just orderd my solar panels and parts to keep me warm this winter while sitting on the weekends $1379.00 2 130 watt panels the charge controler 500 mA shunt temp sensor wire :eek:
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    sprinter u-joints

    i love my sprinter but **** $1200.00 just to change the rear u-joint grrrr see they pressed the joint in then crimp the ends instead of putting a clip in why because it saves them $$$$$ and makes them $$$ after all. so i had to order the whole rear drive shaft just to get one stinking u-joint...
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    ok so i am looking on sprinter fourm to try to find out how to take off my rt tail light so i can replace the blown bulb.....and i deside to print up the trouble code page only as it started to print i found out it's 73 pages long:eek:
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    4wd sprinter

    yup they finally got someone to do an all MB part swap to a us sprinter!!!!!! my world is looking up!!!!!