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    I went and saw shin godzilla tonight and let me say it was like I was a kid again watching the monster walk through japan in black and white on tv. I give it 10/10 with a twist.
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    Does anyone play it?
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    The great exodus to Ohio

    And once again the great migration to Wilmington,oh begins!
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    weird loads seen on the road

    ok while driving to my friends house to have my first crawfish boil dinner i saw this.
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    food omg!

    crawfish boil dinner this last weekend.
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    photos over the.....

    last year i lost count on how many photos i have taken with my nikon d40 but while playing with photobucket i seam to have put 15 pages worth so far...feel free to go look and please give me some feed back. Pictures by danthewolf007 - Photobucket
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    is this fallgator?

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    photo bucket link test

    Pictures by danthewolf007 - Photobucket
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    des moines,iowa

    grrr van wouldn't start this morning:mad:.....and now i'm sitting in a dodge dealership right now across from the flying j on hickman rd
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    hover dam

    don't know if any compays have kept up but hover dam will only let cars go over it now do to 9/11. you can go up to bullhead city and cross there!
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    east side chicago

    sitting at a flying j bored and waiting on a load wonder how long bolt will keep me waiting.............if your near try to give a shout on channel 19 on the cb ask for danthewolf was in lake station flying j i-94 and i-80 headed back home now with load