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    West coast

    80% of the expedit loads are east of the Mississippi river.
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    ///// can anybody use a driver that drives literally across the state of Virginia everyday? /////

    Well you need to tell people how much space and weight you have left....and never ever run over your door tag the fines will bankrupt you.
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    Carrier vehicle requirements

    1. no rust 2. at least 21 days out 3. Over the age of 23 That was the 3 main requirements I have seen.
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    Is there any companies that do reefer expedite?

    Reefer trucks are a very niche part of the expedit business and a pita to keep in compliance for temperature certification.
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    Is there any companies that do reefer expedite?

    You can't drive across the usa doing freight only in and out.
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    Looking to get started, keep getting stonewalled

    They are a member advertiser here I believe
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    Best way to go

    Well it's been a few years since I worked for bolt. Expeditis is a growing company and will soon have a new headquarters in Toledo.
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    Best way to go

    I have worked for both companies and both are good to work for.
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    Looking to get started, keep getting stonewalled

    Expeditis is looking for cdl drivers.
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    Best way to go

    Who is up fitting the van and how much weight will you lose? Start with someone like expeditis or bolt express.
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    Who's hiring out of florida

    Landstar is in Jacksonville.
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    Class B otr solo

    I second bolt express for new drivers.
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    Unless it's the weekend I give a city 24 hours UNLESS it's a known black hole for frieght then I move acordingly.
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    Recruiting Questions?

    Is that anne from bolt?
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    Cargo Vans - What is your straight through limit?

    Sad thing is they are almost always direct drive.
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    Ohio State Police withholding Michigan CDL.

    Fostoria cops are bad period:mad:
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    lol yea nobody told me they shared space in dallas went by the place a billon times do to the fact they put all the overnite trailers facing out, and the little ups sign kept dark at night.
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    solo sprinter friendly company

    john do you allow magnetic signs on just the front doors?