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    Sprinter Van Aux Battery

    You want 2 of the same kind of batteries so the alternator does not fry the second one.....unless you have solar panels mounted then you can charge a bigger battery bank without worrying about frying anything. 6 volt batteries wired up as a 12 volt will have a deeper draw and longer use. I had 4...
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    Guys there is a new gps tracking device for trailer the form of a trailer tail light!
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    Alarm system recommendations????

    Having a second tracking unit on the van was nice because I knew where it was when not in the van...
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    Alarm system recommendations????

    Lol my local stereo shop has been doing all kinds of stuff even cruise controls.
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    Alarm system recommendations????

    My local stereo shop put in one that had a air siren add on...most good car alarms can be plugged in to the factory wire harness. Also look into a tracking system in case the van is stolen or towed.
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    Robots Online ?

    And better dancers than us.
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    Generators honda 2000 and oil.

    Do any of you honda gen owners put anything other than 10w30 in?
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    Heating / Cooling Rooftop A/C unit that will run off a 2000 watt generator

    Coleman started to put hard start capacitors in the mach 3 i think because of complaints of campers not getting it to run.
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    Generators Any one used or using this Generator?

    Had my honda and a powerhouse both running and you could barely hear the powerhouse over the chatty honda.
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    Generators Any one used or using this Generator?

    Camping world is selling a new Gen 3k watt with remote wireless start. It's black and yes quiter than a honda. Called powerhouse.
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    Apu coolant leak

    Hose clamps. Yellow in color and made of plastic that look like a pair of plyers. never mind your going to need a pan for the lower hose so you might as well drain it and put fresh 50/50 mix in.
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    Phones Bluetooth

    Blue tiger has a good set for $99 with 32 hour battery life.
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    Apps Clash of Clans?

    Didn't know the had teeth!
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    CB/HAM CB Shops

    Moving on electronics anna,ohio ext 99 Or Doctor radio at the detroiter flying j
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    Blue parrot 250 xt+

    Blue tiger headsets work much better!
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    Missing the THUMP!

    Moving on electronics ext 99 I-75 Ohio they can pull a Tt in and work on it.
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    iPhone 5

    My iPhone 4 just got iso6 and the google maps now suck.
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    Looking to buy a nice camera.

    The lens and filters are what make good photos not the base. The only thing you get with higher model base is more programs and buttons.
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    Droid battery pull

    i got fed up with pulling the battery and only having one bar/sig even in dallas so i got a iphone4!:cool:
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    TND 700 GPS / How to enter a Hwy address?

    try the list button when the street part comes up. best i can do till i sit in the van looking at mine