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    Small truck with sleeper

    What you may have to do is buy a straight truck and have it shortened down to what you need.
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    Transmisión Freightliner M2 2007

    Do you know when the last time it was serviced?
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    Been dispatching trucking industry for 6 years

    As long as you hire someone that understands the weight limit and freight size limits for each van or box van your good....and never ever pressure a driver to run unsafe.
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    No Love at Loves Travel

    If your driving a van you should be doing everything in your power to save money. 1. Buy a Sam's club membership and a Costco membership to get cheaper fuel. 2 buy a planet fitness black card membership to get a shower at any planet fitness center. Do not get the non black card at planet...
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    Should i buy a used or new sprinter van?

    Just call about insurance on a van before you buy one.....and sit down while you do it.
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    Expediting heating up again

    Deflecting a little bit there...... I see higher crime in Democrat run states than in Republican run states. We have inflation that has not been seen in 40 years. Cost of gas is up Cost of food is up Cost of heating your home is up But Democrats are in charge.....and they can't blame trump...
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    What’s up with true team

    Yup because east coast is 90% toll road for major roadways.
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    2 weeks notice?

    Owner operators own the van. Drivers work for you driving the van. O/o get 1099 tax forms Drivers get w2 tax forms
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    What’s up with true team

    And fyi shipping by plane is realllllllly expensive.
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    What’s up with true team

    Because most carriers do not give a cra.p if your solo or team just for the load to get there on time.....
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    Railroad strike

    Some what but not like how it's going to push the trucking industry.
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    2 weeks notice?

    Then go ahead and leave but be nice so you don't burn your bridges with them.
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    2 weeks notice?

    Do you have any of their equipment on the van? Other wise nope you can leave anytime unless there is a contract...if you have a contract check it over first for any penalties.
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    Sprinter setup

    Send turtle a pm he might still have them somewhere.
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    Expediting heating up again

    Well hopefully Republicans take over because the Democrats do not know how to run the government.....the irs took in 4 trillion dollars and the Democrats spent 7 trillion dollars.....they are pushing us towards bankruptcy.
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    Sprinter setup

    They may be on the old website.....but try to do a search on here for battery bank and it might pop up.
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    Larger Sprinters?

    .35 cents a mile is truck pay not great but then some companies pay .55 or higher to drive a 80 thousand pound truck.
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    How to deal with dealership

    The local news station that does that is channel 13 toledo,ohio.
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    How to deal with dealership

    Wayne Rodd at 5757 Angola rd is a sprinter only mechanic. 419-304-9996 Is the van driveable? What is it doing?
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    Need to buy old MC

    And illegal if your first one was shut down by the dot.