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    New Company.

    Load one on here.....
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    Shipper looking to book direct with carrier

    Just call any of the big carriers on here and ask them.
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    Shower credits

    Might be the same cook from the flying j.....
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    Shower credits

    Trust me when I say I have seen to many weird things.
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    Shower credits

    Anytime is nice but they have no set standards for how the gym is set up like planet fitness does and planet fitness has better lighting both inside and outside.
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    Shower credits

    Planet fitness black card let's you use any planet fitness so shower any time.
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    Secondary side leaks down quickly

    Ok on what kind of truck.
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    New From Texas

    As they say welcome fresh meat lol
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    need direction/input on starting 26ft straight box truck business (non cdl)

    They should have them you just have to search for them.
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    need direction/input on starting 26ft straight box truck business (non cdl)

    Your still going to have to log your hours and go into scale houses. And have a medical card. And that truck had better be under 26k pounds or you will need a cdl B. Insurance wize talk to shelly at cis...their ad is on EO. Get a truck under 26k with a sleeper so you or your driver can do...
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    A transit 150 might be to light. You +your gear+full tank take that van to a scale at a truck stop and weight it subtract that weight from the driver side door sticker....thats the weight your van can legally carry.
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    Landstar or load 1.
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    Hi everybody!

    Someone put a butt plug in her/his mouth....please
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    Allow us to

    Welcome! Your already make smart moves coming to eo and asking questions.
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    Read and Research then ask questions

    Welcome to eo dan from a dan.
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    Just for the RECORD

    try the name dannie.....
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    Recruiting Manager

    we are not partners we are not getting a % of all work done for a company....we are contractors given one job to do and asked to do it well. if we can't do it the carrier will move on to the next person simply as that.