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    Merry Christmas

    May you have a safe and happy Christmas with your friends and family.
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    Trucker gets 110 years

    He drove his truck past more than one emergency off ramp and ran in to multiple cars and trucks killing 4 people 2 years ago....and he got 110 years in jail..... Both he and the boss who failed to keep maintenance up on the truck are responsible. I do not feel bad at all about how much time he...
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    Red cross

    The red cross needs our help! They are currently short on blood...dangerously short on much needed blood.
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    Gas prices

    AAA says gas prices are going to go up another $.30 by end of August....thanks to Biden and his shut down of us fuel supplies.....
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    Maumee, ohio

    Us 24 is now open to west bound fort Wayne, ind with out the fun detour.
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    Former load one driver alan poe

    I just was told that a good friend and former fellow load one driver died last night at 8:30pm of complications with copd.... Should anyone wish to attend his funeral i will post the info here as soon as i get them from his wife.
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    I-75 & i-280 toledo

    The 2 mile detour should be gone as of this Friday if it does not rain. So rejoice people one less pita gone....
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    New direction

    Well I learned that on Dec 15 2016 I will be having surgery to have a cochlear implant placed in my left ear. 30 days after that they will turn on the implant and we shall see what happens. A little back story.....I lost my hearing 100% just after Oct 11 my 43 birthday which is a miracle in it...
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    Bathrooms at expo

    And there are only 2 port a Johns up near the bbq area and nothing for those parked at the other end of the lot.
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    yellow tint glasses

    I started using a yellow tint safety glasses that fit over my regular glasses while driving in the fog and now snow and find it much better to see with than just my plain glasses.
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    toledo, Ohio and snow

    Ok people it's 7pm and the snow has hit us23/475 interchange area please slow down and drive safely no load is worth your or others lives.
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    Northwest Ohio area

    Becareful of the ice today in Ohio and Michigan on the roads and bridges! just walking out to get the newspaper was a fun walk.
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    it's october where are you at!

    Back to work people!
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    toledo,ohio road repair/upgrade

    Us-23 at 475 in toledo will have the south bound lanes closed down to one lane for a while for repave and upgrades for a third lane.
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    snow level in ohio

    Toledo,ohio and most of northwest ohio is now in level 3 snow emergancy also us24 between wsterville,ohio and fort wayne,ind is closed do to trucks going off road or jack knifeing.
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    1/25/14 snow alert

    Lucas county just went to level 2 snow emg as of 7am
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    indy thomson rd flying j

    Watch your vans very carefully. My van was broken into i think while i was getting a shower friday,i didnt find anything missing till i got home and found the laptop gone.
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    load 1

    The 6 and 7 of jan i will be at load-1 for orentation if anyone is there come look me up!
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    ceva wow

    And it only took the ceva recruiter 3 weeks to tell me they are not taking on any more vans. After muitple phone calls. Just to get a yes or no? I think they all need trsinning on calling people back.
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    the muti carrier driver push

    I just got informed i now need a mc/dot number to run for at least one compeny so far anyone else get hit yet