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  1. Pilgrim

    load 1, nations express, or ptl?

    Researching the archives here should help with your enlightenment. Why just those three? There are other good small to medium sized companies to consider as well - all are different and have their pluses and minuses according to the individual. See which one fits you best.
  2. Pilgrim

    Question about fuel surcharge

    Some carriers might pay a percentage of linehaul, others might pay cents per mile. There can also be contracted customers that have their own fsc matrix. Just make sure you're getting ALL of the fsc if you're having to buy the fuel.
  3. Pilgrim

    Need info. on A. Blair

    I'd suggest that anyone considering Blair or any other company for that matter, re-read Turtle's first paragraph and do the necessary number crunching. You had better know your cost per mile and how to accurately determine it. You have to start there to find your profit - if there is any. I know...
  4. Pilgrim

    tri state expediters

    Re-read the posts from Letzrock and Ragman - I think they're on to something.
  5. Pilgrim

    Which Companies do not require a CDL?

    That's really bad - if they can't move him out of their home base, especially an outbound town like Chicago. I'd say anyone considering them better really do their homework. BTW, what size truck did he have?
  6. Pilgrim

    Which Companies do not require a CDL?

    One shipment in 30 days?? That's ugly for sure and contrary to what I've been hearing about them but of course it's entirely possible. Now I'm curious about the details; what size truck did he have, and where did he sit all this time waiting for the phone to ring?
  7. Pilgrim

    Which Companies do not require a CDL?

    You might also try T&K Nationwide - a very good up-and-coming company and Peter Haljean is a nice guy. They advertise on this site and their contact info is provided.
  8. Pilgrim

    Trying to buy a truck

    I would also be very leery of Chase (or any mega-bank for that matter) as a lender. Maybe do a little research as to their reputation and how they treat their customers, especially if they happen to hit some rough sledding. Local banks and credit unions are usually far more reasonable to deal with.
  9. Pilgrim

    crosstown courier

    Just click on rodeehos name at the upper left corner of his post. Menu will drop down.
  10. Pilgrim

    Dead Head miles a Deduction?

    I'm going through an audit right now - is there a specific section of the tax code we can use to substantiate this 15%? Also, in an earlier post there was a question regarding the deduction of interest on financing the vehicle - can this be deducted in addition to the standard mileage rate? I've...
  11. Pilgrim

    Need some info on Tri State and Panther

    I got my information from people who work for Tri State - not drivers-standing-around-at-the-truckstop-gossip, mind you, but employees of the company who are in a position to know what's going on. The purpose of my post was not to besmirch Tri State or imply they're circling the drain, but to...
  12. Pilgrim

    Need some info on Tri State and Panther

    Keep in mind that Tri State is a small, privately owned company that's not nearly as financially sound as Panther. It takes deep pockets to survive tough times like we're in now, and Panther is in a good position. Also, don't limit yourself to these two carriers - there are several others that...
  13. Pilgrim

    Cargo van in TN

    You can also calculate FSC as a percentage of linehaul charges - that's the way most large expedite companies do it, unless a particular contract dictates otherwise. Here's a link to a sample FSC matrix - their LTL column looks like it's in line with most expedite FSC tables. Fuel Surcharge...
  14. Pilgrim

    Nations Express........

    I guess that anticipates my next question - is anyone else doing that well out of Nebraska (or anywhere else for that matter)? I'm just skeptical when I don't hear anyone else talking about being this busy - especially solo in a cargo van - and at the same time endorsing a particular carrier.
  15. Pilgrim

    Nations Express........

    I'm glad for anyone who is busy right now, but unfortunately the driver doesn't generate the loads - it's the Nations agent in this case. If the Nations franchise in NE has some good customers that are expediting right now, it sounds like a perfect match that they have a driver like this who...
  16. Pilgrim

    witch company?

    You're saying Landstar has been "bailed out" along with ALL the other big carriers???? Where did you come up with that? Seen any financial statements from Tri State or Nations? Fine - if making sure you sign on with a financially sound company is a "mis-conception of how tings work in real...
  17. Pilgrim

    witch company?

    Landstar would be the largest and most financially sound of the three choices. That should be a factor considering the economic conditions we're all dealing with. Otherwise, it just depends on which company seems the best fit for you. Be sure to talk to all three.
  18. Pilgrim

    Delivery times..............

    The industry standard is 45mph. For example, if your mileage from the shipper to consignee is 450 miles the company will tell the customer to allow ten hours drive time. Some will vary from this, but it's a pretty good rule of thumb.
  19. Pilgrim

    medical insurance

    I have a very satisfactory plan from Blue Cross purchased through that includes a prescription discount plan. They have a good selection of plans from a varity of providers - however, like everything else you have to read the fine print to make sure what you're getting...
  20. Pilgrim

    nations express

    The way this company is set up with their "franchise" concept, they have a very fragmented type of business. They claim to be built on the Express America business plan, but that's not really the case. Each office has different pricing and brokers out a lot of their ground expedite to their...