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    Its hard to wrap your head around something like this. If you have never been to China and seen what I seen there,you might understand how something like this Virus could grow,and kill so many and spread like wild fire.We are so luck that we have in place where the system we have is working...
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    Coronavirus disrupts freight, price of oil; U.S. impacts could be ‘substantial’

    I told this Forum a few years ago,that this day would come.Remember all those yellow rental truck with all those guys coming to America hauling freight for peanuts.Please lets all over look the fact they couldn't read and write English.Shipper didn't ask it there were dock high, or if they had...
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    Worst Pilot in the universe!

    The last time I was there they wake me up at appox 11pm and told I couldn't park overnight. However they let homeless people sleep in there cars there.The Walmart the next exit down was better ,not as costly as that dump of truck stop.
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    Fundamental Freight

    Thanks for the info.I don't know why but the older I get the harder it is to make out what somebody saying if they not uses to speaking English. That must be the Fundamental part.
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    Mechanical Strong fuel smell after about 5-6 hours of driving

    I had a stong fuel issue and found what my fix it guy told me my Sprinter was making oil thats what happen was a seal in a fuel inj was put fuel in the cylinder it was going pass the rings in oil pan.By then it was a lost cause.Can anybody spell NEW ENGINE.Now here I seat throwing good money...
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    I need a sprinter mechanic in the Kansas area. No dealerships. All recommendations appreciated.

    Pal I've been there I just drove from Benson Az to Dallas Tx with a EGR Value stuck open.No shop in El Paso got to Dallas they told me it be two weeks before they could get me in.Don't get me wrong this my fourth sprinter and you have to enjoy pain to drive one.If you are in Knoxville Tn,I found...
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    Xpo or Landstar

    The point to this is not what an agent feels would make this customer happy the point is a way of life that many of us have come to depend on has come to an end for Sprinter and Cargo Vans. You must realize that Express drivers all have CDL,Hazmat,TSA Certified,and WICX card.Everytime I ask what...
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    Xpo or Landstar

    Landstar has almost have gotten out of the Sprinter and Cargo van freight business.Agents like to put 1 0r 2 plates on a str8 truck and pass us up.There so much turn over in the agents offices dispatcher are often young girls that only know that they told, I have to call on any load that that...
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    Tennessee Hwy Patrol

    Tennessee is a new program to increase driver awareness with there Pull Over Law. While traveling north on I-65 I notice THP was using TDOT pickup trucks as decoys.They hide in front of the pickup and wait to spring the trap. Be careful driving in TN, because I've heard these Cowboys will write...
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    Make Trucking Great Again....

    The only reason to you need a fence to to keep all those experts you hired contained, before you bring on board do give a test or you just let fly by the seats of there pants.I never seen so many gifted people in one company.I hear that if a driver from Mayfield,Ky and he was gifted it means he...
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    Truckers Continue Protesting for Better Pay

    Our French bothers had the right Ideal a few years ago.They drove into all the fuel stops and parked there trucks and walked away until they got there rates increased.The Govt couldn't tow the all,the public couldn't get gas,it didn't take long to get to the table to work out a deal. P. S. they...
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    Truckers Continue Protesting for Better Pay

    Queen Hillary well fix it. Open the floor gates and they be hauling for 25 cents a mile. I told u so...........
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    Moving to Landstar? that's a powerfully word. How many I've seen come and go.
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    Awesome Web site to post your BCO Truck

    I tried to sign on I got my email address in I never got the Email for the pass word.Now i'm lock out out.I only have one email address and I used that one.I was hoping it was in my junk mail,but to no avail.I feel like the blonde putting oil on the engine.
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    New Sprinter

    Why do like my nic,so much.I bet u wished u had it. Cookiemonster how did u come up with that?
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    New Sprinter

    I have gone thur another 2 Sprinter since I posted this.I believed it then and I still believe it.Waste not want not.
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    One Man Fight to Save the Expedited Trucking Industry

    my style of writing requires a tag. It appears to me that you have a lot of people here that look up to you,for all your pearls of wisdom you find pleasure quoting all the printed facts you can find.However when it comes been objective and you post your quick little jabs like "this no contest"...
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    One Man Fight to Save the Expedited Trucking Industry

    I can't win here.I've never been in a Union, Little Joe made that statement I was explaining what I think the,author said. Little Joe worked under 4 Labor unions,not me.
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    One Man Fight to Save the Expedited Trucking Industry

    No No never wanted it to be conceived as a racist rant. I can't help what members want to think or how they react!