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    Transit Transmission advice requested.

    Thanks for the comments, drivers. I ended up with a major rebuild of the transmission with Ford parts. Thanks, Mr. Loyalty. Between that and the differential repair with new gears and rings, I believe the van is good for another 300,000 miles of making money. But I'm only good for a couple...
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    Transit Transmission advice requested.

    If serious transmission work is required on my Transit with 317,000 miles, and everything else appears to be operating fine, what are your thoughts about major rebuild of the existing tranny or getting a reman from somewhere, or other option? I already have a boat anchor, so skip that one...
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    Thinking About Getting Back Into Vans... Most Reliable and Cost-Effective?

    I'm a little over 317,000 on my 2017 Transit, and it's time to visit the garage. I think I have torque converter shutter, but also anticipate that more extensive work might be required. Any thoughts on reman transmissions, if it comes to that? I had a Jasper reman engine once in a GMC van, it...
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    New wife and husband team.

    As an added thought, you might notice from a lot of the posts on this forum that expediting is usually independent drivers, either in their own vehicles, or as independent drivers for an owner of a vehicle. Company drivers are usually not independent, do not have the freedom to drive when and...
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    New wife and husband team.

    On YouTube, you might want to view many videos published by The Crafty Truckers over many months. A lot of good information, from driving for an owner, then getting their own straight truck, changing carriers and the reasons why, money grossed in a year and expenses deducted from the gross...
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    Tech Censorship

    From a quick review of the language of the new law, big tech simply has to be transparent about how they regulate, censor, and deplatform anyone, then apply the rules equitably to everyone, without bias or favoritism. Plus sufficient notice to all if the rules and regs will be changed. Lies...
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    Classic Movie Saturday

    Roy Rogers and the Sons of the Pioneers, buttery popcorn, Heaven on earth. I'm still a kid. You must be too. Know what I'm going to do when I grow up? Repeat first sentence.
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    Expediters Journey

    Good luck, SoG. But I must agree with Ragman that you should post on EO. I can't access anything else, and I'd like to follow your adventures.
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    Drivers with C & M, Painesville, Ohio

    I would be interested in any comments from current or recent van drivers with C&M as to load frequency and rates, productive geographic areas, strength of customer base, deductions costs and what for, etc. The usual info an experienced driver wants before deciding to make a switch. Public...
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    Owner Operator

    Call Bolt, or any carrier, and see if they will accept your model/style/age van. If so, what Blizzard says makes sense. But stick with it. Covid has slowed things down, but loads are slowly picking up. Some companies state they are having their best year ever. A lot depends on their freight...
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    PPP Question

    Perhaps some of you have gone through PPP application the first time, or this second time. I have a question for you. It appears that the monthly income amount to be shown on the application comes from my IRS Schedule C. With allowed deductions and write-offs, my Schedule C paper income is a...
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    The Trump Card...

    Headline today: Antifa supporter plotted armed attack on pro-Trump protesters at Florida capitol: FBI Google it. Maybe extremists on both sides should be allowed to eliminate each other. Dumb and dumber.
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    Sprinter Van Jobs - Owner Operators vs. Company Drivers

    IMO..... Sounds like you will be a fleet owner, with a fleet consisting of one van. A company driver is usually an employee of a business. Most drivers in vans are independent contractors, so not considered employees or company drivers. If you drive your own van, you are an owner operator.
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    Equipment (Van)

    You can ask the source that posted the listing for specific requirements. Generally speaking, sprinter van is a generic term now, and applies to all brands of higher roof vans.....Transit and Promaster included. Similar to all tissues being called Kleenix.
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    Is this legal??

    If you have no reason to leave early, then you should expect to forfeit you earnings as stated in the contract. It costs money in lost production for an owner to find a driver, then find another replacement driver. If you have a valid reason for early exit, you might speak with the owner...
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    Hello Everyone

    Interesting background. But why did you join this forum? Are you interested in driving, in expediting or trucking in general? Have you done so in the past? We'd like to share your experience, will share some of ours too. Does auto mechanic include vans and trucks? We may need you. First...
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    Hello Everyone

    Welcome aboard.
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    Better times to go back to expediting? (Straight truck)

    Awesome good, as in a straight truck? Or awesome bad, as in a stinkeroo van??
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    Words of Wisdom

    I posted an ad in the classifieds for a sprinter driver. I suggested if they did not have experience in expediting, they should read the EO forums to learn about the realities of income and lifestyle from experienced drivers. That would be you. Share your knowledge and advice. And your war...
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    There are some companies that do not require experience and help you find an owner who needs a driver, but usually nothing more than sharing your name and contact information with owners. The rest is between you and the owner. There might be some preliminary screening of your driving/criminal...