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    Trump Backlash Turns Mexicans Against Nafta

    yet you like making money here,he won and he wa rite ,now that the shoe is on the other foot you al don't like the change that's coming ,but we all had to take osupids hope and chang ,do the American people a favor and stay home.
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    Mechanical White Smoke

    valve guides?
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    Tire wear

    m2 that I have wears tires on dr. side i've had 2 axel alignments didn't change anything had springs rebushed, air bag is a little crooked but I get about 200,000 out of that side 400,000 on the other,one of the worst trucks made by freightliner.
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    AC compressor clutch relay on Sterling Acterra HELP

    had the same prob. it all came from the fuse box over the years they go bad these trucks take a beating.prior to changing fuse box on fender under hood on my m2 I tried every thing on the truck.
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    Is a Toilet too much to ask for?

    bought a tetford potty 8 yrs ago would not drive with out one,when you need it empty go to flying j get an rv card empty it for 3.bucks worth every penny.
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    70% off quadcopter

    worked for panther didn't ya.
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    that is for sure ,I put them on they are junk,weather on a tractor or trailer couldn't get more than 35000 out of set.
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    Newbie with a dumb question

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    Have you ever heard of such a "policy"?

    landstar doesn't care where you go
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    Lift gate repair

    the actual lift gate is alum.other than the lift arms which are fine just the deck above and the steps, got to find a morgan dealer soon to repair that booger
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    noob question on where to start!!!

    welcome ,start on the home page and contact every recuiter you can and write down what they say then ask questions,how many miles a week can you get ,rate per mile ,how busy are you,what kind of equipment do you use. and so on.
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    Solo Straight Truck Driver?

    Its hard to say how much you can make, most owners that ive talked to and driven for paid by the mile depending on what freight paying on any given day it was a 60/40 split with driver getting 60%and i paid fuel he paid all other expenses at that time I was making about 1.45 per mile with the...
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    Lift gate repair

    the lift gate is fine its the metal deck and stairs that are going bad , rust
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    Lift gate repair

    thanks got a used one got to get some metal replaced and the steps on the side,i guess ill call a lift gate comp in tampa or orland
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    Lift gate repair

    Got a lift gate that is gone to rust,anybody know of someone in florida,
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    Did Tri-State really go bankrupt?

    WE can only hope
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    Truckers Continue Protesting for Better Pay

    one day would cripple the flow of freight,3 days and the country would shut down.