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    Attn, recruiters for ALL companies!

    I would like to know from the company reps. how is business? really? you ask on this forum and you just get the bla,bla,bla talking in circles no straight answers, afraid to give an opinion. I am itching to get back into expediting but want to be kept busy, I run solo, looking for a straigfht...
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    Anyone ever lose a load because they had a pet in the truck with them?

    Are you talking about vans only? I hope so, I traveled with my dog and it was never a problem, mostly because I didn't make it one. I was in a straight truck too, If necessary I put her in the sleeper out of sight ( sleeper was off limits to anyone) whats in my truck is none of their business. A...
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    Your average load

    I had a load of pipes last week that ended up having to cut 6 inches off, but I havent had a truck load yet.......
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    Carriers choice

    Won't count? what is the difference? We drive the truck, the same truck the owner wants to lease on.. He will be driving with me now. What is up with Landstar? the recruiter won't return phone calls and will not tell why. The truck owner called them and all he got was, and I quote..."The driver...
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    Carriers choice

    well I have a position with a truck owner, he is in the process of getting the truck signed on. Could it be because of the owner not qualifing? Looks like now he is goingto sign the truck up with Express 1 and go with me, he doesn't have enough experience as a driver to be a truck owner, which...
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    Carriers choice

    I just got a disturbing call that wrecked my whole outlook of getting into expediting, I was told by Landstar " they can not qualify me at this time" what is up with them? I have a class A cdl w/hazmat no violations, no criminal record ever, I have about 3 years experience driving T/T and...
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    Newbie Owner needs some questions asked.

    How do you all feel about a company willing to lease purchase you a truck? Is that digging a hole too deep to start with or worth it?
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    Which Company should I choose

    I ran teams while driving T/T and thought it was a little too much.Th round the clock driving was too much, I have driven solo all hours of the day and nite so I don't have a problem with it.....You know its bad when you get car sick standing still and not moving. I am checking into a couple...
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    Which Company should I choose

    I am new to this forum also but I can tell you where to look for companies, off the home page of this sight, pick a few , read about them, taqke notes in a note book then compare, that is what I am doing. Also I am looking at driving for an o/o first, I have a class A cdl with all endorsements...