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    New MC, need loads

    I agree with Treadmill, tough time to start,van rates are terrible. Keep in mind the loads you find on those boards are low to start with then they get re-posted & re-posted. The dispatch services get a % but it's sometimes not even 70% of the original load rate, you very well may be getting...
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    Respect is right up there with communication, non- existant!!!!!!!!!! All of the companies are the same. Sent from my SM-G973U using EO Forums mobile app
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    2019 Expediting Results are in

    Great Job !!!!!!!!!! I would love to have that low insurance cost. I also would like to know milage of each vehicle and year, you may be able to squeeze more depreciation out, maybe. Still great job!!!!!!! Sent from my SM-G973U using EO Forums mobile app
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    2 skids vs 3 skids, how often in van

    AMEN!!!!! My GM dealer claims GM and Hyundai are in talks to badge a long,highroof bearing van. He said he would let me know more as he hears it. It sounds like the promaster deal. Fiat & Chrysler to me. I had a bearing truck and it was terrible, so I'm not holding my breath. I'm old school...
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    2 skids vs 3 skids, how often in van

    You have the business sense to make it work. I am the worlds worst speller, and the phone doesn't help me. I know what you meant.
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    2 skids vs 3 skids, how often in van

    There are a few O/O that will not survive a downturn in freight like we have now. They just have not capitalized there business sufficiently. I see it all the time, the balance between money in the bank or driving a new truck. The the work slows or even stops there nothing to fall back on. Sent...
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    2 skids vs 3 skids, how often in van

    Agreed ! I am a carrier and I want my O/O to have the very best truck possible because it represents my company. But as an owner operator myself for 40 yrs now ,I prefer they make money and succeed . I discuss this subject many times with them.
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    2 skids vs 3 skids, how often in van

    The Transit is the best choice of the 3. I'm am 100% in agreement with you.
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    Companies responding

    Thank you for the response. Yes some freight is down, however some are up like frozen food & refer lanes. The corona shutdown will pass. I've been in the transportation business 40 yrs now. After every recession it comes back even stronger. We are well capitalized, soo as things are down I try...
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    2 skids vs 3 skids, how often in van

    Crunch the numbers, does the availability of 3 skid or odd loads justify the cost of the transit or promaster, sprinter. The shipper & carrier always want the new expensive truck for the load because it is representing the carrier. But as independent business people you have to make the best...
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    Companies responding

    Why is it soo difficult for companies to respond to applications or inquiries. Its my understanding that I am a great candidate. However its extremely difficult to communicate with these carriers, and yet they are all in need of O/O's or carrier partners. Thank you for your time on the forum...
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    This swells funny

    My BS meter has been going off ever since I've heard coronavirus. In the past whenever there is an emergency such as this my phone blows up with calls from all of the great people we work with to make sure we are there to haul supplies. After 40 yrs in this business we only received a couple of...
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    Vantastic Article On Cargo Van Owner Operators

    I have run cargo vans for 35 yrs ( as well as ST & TT) The vans have always been the the back bone of expedite transportation. Its a clandestine entity or a dirty secret. can anyone say just how many vans are out here ? The brokers will get it done as cheap as possible and list it as " partial "...
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    Driver retention

    Merry Christmas all, I don't post often. However, i would like opinions on the subject of driver retention. This is a touchy subject . My focus is cargo vans, my o/o are great but i do have some company owned units that basically do the stuff that doesn't pay an o/o enough to take. We pay...
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    Getting Started up again in the Southeast

    Hi Ben, I also moved and run between Tampa & the north east I use panther premium they have frieght , it's never great but it's frieght .
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    I can tell you why rates are so low. Its not fuel.

    USHIP lots of fully functioning steering wheel holders
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    How long till this starts hitting expedited carriers?

    Thank you Mr Elliot for your original post. After 35 years in the trucking biz I have seen so many people and companies come and go very little surprised me, but I am amazed at the owner/operaters and small companies who tell me " I HAVE GREAT CREDIT " but no cash reserves, the lesson be ready...
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    Cargo Van Buying New Van

    I have both transit and promaster , my son's run for us. The promaster is diesel gets 23,25 mpg keep in mind it is made by fiat. I am a Ford guy they just treat us right my transit is gas however I will buy diesel next just to see how it is. I love the eco boost technology but I can't see it...
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    Rhode Island to toll TT only

    Being from RI this burns my back side, this is discriminatory at its best however the van driver in me loves it. My son still runs trucks there and is not sure what will happen.
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    Getting Started up again in the Southeast

    I live in the Tampa area, refer is the way to go keep in mind the medical and military in fla. We can always get out of the state never back in. We Mr out in school and run home. I have a team cube van.