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    Air brake leak

    If it is feeding back into the valve on your dashboard, one of your brake chambers is bad.
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    2020 Cascadia Tractor

    If he's at Landstar, he's not new to the industry. While I wholeheartedly agree with the onboarding that makes uphill molasses look fast, waiting to get a trailer is somewhat on you/him. There are several ways to skin that cat the day he/she leaves orientation. That said, it looks like he's...
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    Working for an owner operator pay at Landstar

    We pay 60% to the team for everything but fuel surcharge. All of that (100%) goes to the team. Team buys fuel. We're actually posting a classified ad today for a team. Feel free to PM me for more info. El Tortuga.....please edit or tell me to delete if not allowed. AJ
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    Is your carrier doing anything for YOU due to the virus?

    Can confirm on the $1k from the big blue star if you are diagnosed with the ‘Rona. Can also state that every load delivered (was all of April, now until 5/22) pays each BCO and agent each $50.
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    School Project: Questions For Truck Drivers And Mechanics

    Driver here. While I have never driven a Class 8 combination vehicle (requiring class A here in the States, or A-Z for you) professionally other than school, I believe what you are asking is for the Department of Redundancy Department. I believe that overheating brakes are the result of poor...
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    Landstar Sprinter Question

    They won't do that because they need the safety numbers from that division to inflate the big truck numbers to make them look good. Plus since they are a asset only business they do not have very much overhead To "make them look good"? Each Landstar entity has their own DOT number. LEAM...
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    Need help

    You can fight warnings. However, it is through the CSA DataQ challenge system, and you can present evidence, both written and photographic, to bolster your claim that the warning was invalid. Be cautioned, however, that the challenge is read and ruled upon, usually, by someone in the person's...
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    Financial Planner?

    Not sure I'd ever view insurance as an "investment ". Oh, and Katz is no more a CPA than I'm a porn star or neurosurgeon. Huge distinction.
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    New Welder Mahany Welding Supply Rochester N.Y.

    Yes, originally. You and your boy sat at the table in our sleeper in my sister's driveway in Holley. And yes on the Mom & Pop. That place has been around since they were selling lead for body filler. They sell lead now to Crosman Arms in Fairport (Pellet guns). Quite the place. Brother has...
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    New Welder Mahany Welding Supply Rochester N.Y.

    You'll need to protect those welds with some paint. Upstate Auto Body Supply is less than a mile from the Rochester Public Market. Go in and ask for J.D. He's the one that looks somewhat like me. Mom said I was better looking, though. Seriously, he'll probably make you a heckuva deal on some...
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    Cargo Vans - What is your straight through limit?

    Hmmm.....wonder why that is.......
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    Birthday! Happy Birthday USAFK9

    Created by an Act of Congress, in 1947..........hey, wait a minute......
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    Let's Truck Solutions

    I'm curious why you're asking. You considering aligning your site/operations with theirs? You may not like my response.
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    Birthday! Happy Birthday USAFK9

    Thanks, guys.
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    Mechanical stripped oil pan plug mbe906

    New pan, dude. No insert available. After you get the thorough hosing from the friendly jagoffs at Freightliner, might I suggest installing a Fumoto quick valve? Flip a lever, and oil comes out. You can even attach a hose, and not soak your steer axle when the geniuses at Speedco drain your old...
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    Health Insurance

    I'm wondering why I'm redistributing my wealth (or perceived wealth...hahaha) to the OP, as their new premium most definitely includes a credit or subsidy. You have to prove your income no matter if you qualify for the subsidy/credit or not. Exchange: You have to provide your income, sir, so...
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    Sprinter 170" extended 4 x 4 payload capacity

    Snow squall near Whitehall, Michigan? Who the heck ever goes there?
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    Did he fear for his life?

    Well, not in my bizarro-world, but in the numerous training classes I've attended, and the numerous times I've actually used force, been investigated for, and been found that I've applied it properly. The thing you fail to understand is that the top of the continuum demonstrates the aggressor...
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    Did he fear for his life?

    Yep. Definitely me, and it would have been proper. And yes, what the guy we're speaking of in this thread did was reckless.
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    Did he fear for his life?

    It was excessive, Muttly, because these men and women are trained to meet resistance or aggression with one level higher than faced with. There are multiple ways to deal with passive resistance properly. If I, as a policeman, shot at a jay walker with my sidearm, but missed, would you say...