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    New to expediting

    Same here? I guess he took my advise.
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    Ready for another Feb-ulos Month

    What do you think of setting weight at 2,000 and see how busy they keep you? Less weight would lead to longer life? Just a thought.
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    All NFL Teams 2017 - 2018

    Schwartz gets a ring! Ouch
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    2018 Best Fleets Award!

    You sound like a lion's fan
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    It’s 2018. Come on In

    Another question: Any advantage/disadvantage using rv card for gas purchases?
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    It’s 2018. Come on In

    I'm getting points and showers only when swiping at pump? The printed reciept shows same as pump price? Does it come off later?
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    It’s 2018. Come on In

    Pilot says you get either points and showers or .03 off gasoline purchases with card. Anyway around that?
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    2017 Ford Transit Rear Differential Problems

    Info on plastic part for promaster trans please.
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    Get your wallet out

    Those traffic lites drive me nuts! Lol
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    Get your wallet out

    When figuring in wear and tear on vehicle, safety, gas mileage, etc. I would think toll roads would be the way to go?
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    The cost of staying warm

    I did the same as you and ran intake up 4'. Also I bought a "y" pipe online and have heat under bed and on top.
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    The cost of staying warm

    No screen?
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    The cost of staying warm

    Mine just has a knob with 0-4 numbers. I tried googling but found nothing. If I need service I'll check with them.
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    The cost of staying warm

    5th winter on my gas espar. No service or problems yet. How/where do you find hours?
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    payload for 2500 promaster high roof extended?

    Bigger better Less weight longer life
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    Apple says it's slowing down older iPhones

    Took me 15 years to jump from my Alltel flip phone to an iphone!
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    Apple says it's slowing down older iPhones

    I have a iphone 4. It won't upgrade so I'm unable to download any apps. Anybody have same problem? Took it to verizon store and they confirmed. Only way to download apps is to purchase new phone.
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    Starting Hiring Process

    Also you can ask owners for drivers you can talk to for referrals.
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    traded in my 2014 diesel for a 2018 gas

    Welcome to the other side. Wishing better luck and happy holiday!