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    Why Do You Go Home?

    significant revenue? significant expense? depends on what your definition of "significant" is. i dont do expedite as of now, im an otr o/o and i will tell you that when i feel the need to go home, i go. the wallet is thin at times, but thats ok. i live in wi. and run on percentage for a...
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    another dumb question

    i keep seeing references to "white glove", what is this? more dumb questions to follow, im sure :D
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    Truck Stops

    the flying J on the south side of dallas has to be the worst in every aspect!!! lot lizards, pan handlers, food, showers, name it.
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    confused again

    thanks for the response, makes reading the posts alot easier:)
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    confused again

    i keep hearing about "letter" classifications like "c","d","e" about these vans and trucks. just what are they?
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    new to this stuff

    im not oppossed to driving elsewhere, i just thought if i could stay in those areas it would be the ultimate. figureing on automotive freight all over mi. going to places like belvidere, il., janesville, wi., st.paul, mn. and never be more than a few hours from home. i was thinking most freight...
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    new to this stuff

    im leaning towards a cargo van, drive solo. would like to stay mn.,wi.,il.,in.,mi. do these compenies supply your plate or do i need my own?
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    new to this stuff

    hi people, im a 10yr o/o (big rig). thinking about a possible change out of boredom. i know the premise behind "expedite" as far as got to go NOW!! lots of overnite driving. im wondering if a guy can make a go of it by driving more normal hours? say between 7am and 2am? also im under the...