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  1. greasytshirt

    3126 cat engine shutting off while driveing

    To communicate with the CAT ecu, you need to connect to the round 9-pin connector. If this truck has a 16 pin DLC, it's for other systems. There's a check valve on the back of the cylinder head that acts as a fuel pressure regulator. Sometimes debris gets in there and interrupts its normal...
  2. greasytshirt

    Dt466 lack of power

    Exhaust restriction? The catalyst mufflers sometimes plug up. Disconnect the exhaust before the muffler and test drive.
  3. greasytshirt

    What year were DOC installed on truck?

    DOCs are used for heating the DPF, so pretty much everything 2008 and later has a DOC in combination with a DPF.
  4. greasytshirt

    It’s 2018. Come on In

    2017 sucked hardcore. I'm glad it's over. Sent from my XT1585 using EO Forums mobile app
  5. greasytshirt

    Yep ... you can have your Pitbull not me

    I sure do like cats. Sent from my XT1585 using EO Forums mobile app
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    The FedEx Image

    I blocked an Enterprise rental truck as it was leaving my driveway. Turns out, it was a very exasperated FedEx driver. I'm not sorry. Sent from my XT1585 using EO Forums mobile app
  7. greasytshirt

    Issues with getting an ELD for 2007 Hino or older

    From what I understand, the ELD is trying to monitor data that the ECU doesn't process, making this task impossible. A different type of datalogging is necessary. In 2008 the issue was fixed. Sent from my XT1585 using EO Forums mobile app
  8. greasytshirt

    Spicer 6+1 ..... I Know ;-(

    Hello fellow Virginian, Generally, if one is considering doing driveline swaps (manual to auto), the standard recommendation is to buy a donor vehicle with the needed parts. Your purchase price is tantalizing, but you can expect to at least double it doing this swap. Sent from my XT1585...
  9. greasytshirt

    coming out of retirement

    You're not very far away from me if you're in Richmond. Sent from my XT1585 using EO Forums mobile app
  10. greasytshirt

    What does your screen name mean?

    I shouldn't be allowed near light-colored furniture.
  11. greasytshirt

    Important! Welcome a New Moderator, Greasytshirt!

    I'm gonna thank floridawheels for being the catalyst on this one.
  12. greasytshirt

    Used tires can save money

    Well, you need brakes to stop. It's bad when there's a stack of used brake pads lying around that aren't meant to be thrown away yet. Edit: There's one in my yard right now. Tire date codes go back to 2004. I am scared for my fellow motorists. The owner has already been given a lecture...
  13. greasytshirt

    Used tires can save money

    The appliance delivery guys dig through our mountain of used tires and basically the only thing they leave behind are blowouts and racing slicks. I stopped by to look at one of the trucks the other day and was cut by the wire sticking out of the steer tire. Not the faintest bit of tread...
  14. greasytshirt

    Saddest sight in a truck stop

    Tobster317 texted this to me. Pretty sad sight.
  15. greasytshirt

    May Flowers

    That's smack in the middle of my territory.
  16. greasytshirt

    Indianapolis Flying Jburns!

    Irrelevant: I worked at a Flying J, cooking Chinese food. If any of you ever ate any, I'm very sorry.
  17. greasytshirt

    Sprinter Survival Kit?

    No Idea. The old Bosch KTS 200 laying around here would sort of work on parts of a sprinter, but it was pretty limited. No one here likes working on them, but the damn things just keep showing up.
  18. greasytshirt

    Sprinter Survival Kit?

    It took three years to get the boss to upgrade the diagnostic software for other brands that wander in here. Texa is excellent, it has helped every time I've attached it to something. I have a TON of money tied up in tools. It took some convincing to get the keys and alarm sstem code to the...
  19. greasytshirt

    Sprinter Survival Kit?

    I'm not really sure what you're talking about. Bring me up to speed.